Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water

If you live in a borewell area where the water source is, you can need a special water purifier for it. So question is Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water ?

Borewell water is safe to drink, but because of the degree and hardness of pollution, it is not wise to drink. Bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals may or may not do so. A borewell water purifier may also be an ideal solution for receiving safe drinking water.

This guide will help you to understand Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water ? & the key points to remember when purchasing a borewell water purifier.

In order to simplify your search, we have also researched and tested the best borewell water purifiers you might consider buying.


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Reviews of Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water ?

1. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF Water Purifier

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This is the most expensive water purifier on this list, but it certainly has some incredible features that make it worth purchasing if you don’t have any budget constraints.

The purification system of seven stages ensures that you get 100 percent clean and safe drinking water. Up to 2000 PPM is suitable for use for water purification.

This water purifier provides you with the health benefits of copper in clean drinking water. If you wish to drink RO water purifier or RO+CU (copper charged) water, you have two choices when drinking.

To ensure fresh infusion at all times, the intelligent copper auto cleaning senses and cleaning schedules. Up to 8 liters of water can be processed, which is generally ideal for an Indian family.

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2. Havells Max 7-litres RO UV Water Purifier

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Another famous kitchen appliance brand in India is Havells. If you are searching for a purifier that looks lightweight and trendy, then this is an awesome alternative to consider.

Clean drinking water is assured by this RO + UV purification method. In order to give you clean water, the water passes through the RO membrane and then the UV purification filter.

It also has a cartridge of minerals that modifies the water’s pH level and adds minerals to it to make it safe. The purifier has an impressive 15 liters per hour flow rate and stores approximately 7 liters of water.

To make it biologically active and enhance mineral absorption, the revitalizer restructures the water molecules.

We suggest that you save the waste water in a tub and use it for various household purposes, such as cleaning utensils, clothes washing, etc. For every liter of water purified, this water purifier throws 650 ml of water out.

It also has a feature known as “IProtect” that tracks the water purification process continuously and ensures that you always get safe and clean drinking water.

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3. Konvio Neer Amrit RO + UV + UF + TDS Adjuster Water Purifier

Konvio Neer Amrit RO + UV + UF + TDS Adjuster Water Purifier with Japan UV and High 3000 TDS Membrane (Blue)
1,410 Reviews
Konvio Neer Amrit RO + UV + UF + TDS Adjuster Water Purifier with Japan UV and High 3000 TDS Membrane (Blue)
  • Purify water input upto 3000 TDS (80 GPD high flow imported membrane).
  • 1 Year offsite warranty on electrical parts
  • Paid installation by trained professional, please place installation request by contacting Konvio Support. Every visit call after installation is chargeable and charges are 350/-.
  • Be Sure Drink Pure. Branded UV (Japanese) and Alkaline (Bio+) for best in class purity.
  • Comes with a free Pre-filter and installation tool kit.

This Konvio Neer Amrit water purifier features a six-stage purification level RO + UV + UF + TDS Adjuster that makes water clean and safe to drink.

It features the Korean UV technology that kills 99.99% of micro-organisms and alkaline-ceramic technology that provides you water with the right PH level.

In just one hour, the 100GPD booster pump fills the tank. The Philips ultraviolet lamp purifies the stored water in the tank (some germs can breed in there when water is stored for too long) so that you get clean drinking water.

It comes with a huge 12-litre storage space, suitable for most Indian households. The purifier comes with a year’s guarantee.

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4. Ruby Economical Ro+ Uv+Tds Controller Multi-Stage Water Purifier

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If you are looking for a reasonable price and large storage space for a water purifier, then this one is a good choice to consider Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water ?

It includes a six-stage RO + UV + mineralizer purification system with a TDS controller that eliminates dissolved impurities such as bacteria, salts, viruses, etc.

The purifier has a high purifying ability of 12 liters per hour and is capable of purifying up to 75 liters of water a day.

Chlorine and other organic contaminants are extracted by the activated carbon filter, thereby giving you safe drinking water. This water purifier is accredited according to ISO 9001-2015.

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5. Eureka Forbes AquaSure (RO+UV+MTDS) water purifier

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It has a smart design and LED indicators to demonstrate different phases, such as full tank, low water pressure, system error, no water supply.

This one, named AquaSure, is another Eureka Forbes water purifier on this list. It’s available at a reasonable price as a portable water purifier.

It features RO+UV+MTDS’ efficient six-stage technology for water treatment from all forms of sources such as borewell, tanker, etc.

The water purifier has a 6 liter storage tank that is suitable for a small three liters per day. It has a smart design and LED indicators to illustrate different phases, such as full tank, low water pressure, system malfunction, no water supply, etc.

As per your convenience, this purifier can be either wall mounted or put up n the kitchen counter.

The smart cartridge has a purifying life of up to 6 liters of water and salts are dissolved by the smart TDS regulator and you have clean drinking water.

It also has a feature of automatically shutting the appliance off to save energy after the tank is full. During voltage fluctuations, the smart plus feature protects the purifier against damage.

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In India, How to select a Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water ?

Before buying the water purifier, these are the key points you need to remember to ensure that you have made the right choice.

It is prudent to consider the common problems with borewell water before you pass directly on to the necessities to buy and the best water purifiers. This will also assist you in locating the proper purifier.

Because of a shortage of natural water sources such as lakes and rivers, most Indian towns have borewell water supply.

Borewell water, due to its hardness and the level of contaminants, is ideal for other necessities such as cleaning and washing, but not drinking. The primary explanation behind this is the extended monsoon season and heavy metal interaction.

The most common borewell water problems are below:
  • Mud
  • Hardship
  • Scary odor
  • Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and so on may have
  • Viruses and bacteria
Check TDS level

The water TDS level shows the concentration of the elements dissolved in it. The filter, which has pores of 2 micrometers or smaller, can move through dissolved elements.

The most basic need is to check the TDS level of water, which gives you information on how much water is polluted. Even if they are in small amounts, such as nitrates, fluorides, arsenic, some dissolved elements are toxic.

Especially if you live in an industrial zone or an agricultural area, it is very important to check the TDS water level. BIS 10500-2012 is the drinking water standard in India.

It is measured in PPM and gives you clarity about the amount in your water of dissolved solids. The maximum desirable TDS level according to the standard is 500 mg/L and the maximum permissible TDS level is 2000 mg/L.

Capacity for Purification to Select Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water ?

It is the amount of purifying water provided in one hour by a purifier. Depending on the form, most water purifiers have a capacity of 10-15 liters per hour. The performance of some high-end models is up to 20 liters per hour or more.

Based on your family’s drinking needs, you can select a purifier. The purification power of 12-15 liters per hour is suitable for most Indian households.

Capacity of Storage to select Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water ?

Most types of water purifiers, except UV purifiers, come with a storage tank. This helps you never get rid of water that is filtered.

The total storage capacity of most purifiers is 7 to 12 liters. If you have a joint family or you live in an environment where power cuts are frequent, make sure you pick a larger storage tank.

Installation Ease to Select Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water ?

You may decide to buy a water purifier to be put on the tabletop or installed on the wall, depending on your personal preference and availability of space.

Dual installation is supported by most RO purifiers, so you can call their installation later and not before purchasing.


The water purifier price depends on a variety of variables, such as the type of purifier, characteristics, storage space, brand, etc.

Before searching for the water purifiers, we suggest you set a budget but do not keep the price as the primary criteria for your purchase decision.


As purifiers need regular maintenance, it is important to choose a brand that offers a good warranty and customer service.

Some brands also provide extended warranties, so you can select those that have this capability.

Frequently Asked Questions for Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water ?

How can boron water be purified naturally?

There are a few ways to purify water from the borewell, and these are:
Use tablets with iodine, solution or crystals to
Use light that is ultraviolet
Utilize drops of chlorine
Using a water filter

How to ensure the well water is safe to drink?

By having it tested in one of the water quality testing facilities, the safest way to ensure if the well water is safe for drinking is. Make sure that the water is checked at each of the laboratories recognized by the BIS.

How will the smell be eliminated from well water?

Borewell water often smells like rotten eggs, and this is because Sulphur compounds or Sulphur bacteria that cause the formation of hydrogen sulphide gas in the water have polluted it.
This kind of smell may be due to rotting organic matter in open wells. The solution to this is to pump some water out and lower the amount of water, then go down to the well and scrub it manually and get rid of all the organic matter. Often, when washing, apply chlorine bleach.
If the well water has a low hydrogen sulphide concentration, then you can try aeration to make it odorless as the oxygen in the air interacts with hydrogen sulphide.
Then attempt continuous chlorination with a pump if there is a high concentration of well water. Hydrogen sulphide is oxidized by chlorine and eliminates heavy metals as well.

How to extract iron from water from the bore well?

There are a few methods to extract salts from the water, such as borewell water aeration, ozonation, and well water chlorination.
Using oxidizing media filters is the most widely used way of extracting iron from well water.

This video for help you to Select Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water ?


We have built this guide to help you purchase a borewell water purifier with all the important points needed. Before purchasing one, we have listed the basics that you need to remember.

Finally, we have also researched and checked the best product reviews to make your quest easier, to select Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water ?

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