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There are a number of options when it comes to web hosting. Based on my experience, I would recommend that, based on your website requirements, you choose your web hosting platform.

Typical shared hosting is a good place to start for a WordPress blog.

I opted for Dreamhost’s hosting service four years ago when I started my career with WordPress as it was pretty cheap and provided a good value for my money. I will share my analysis of Dreamhost’s hosting service in this guide and let you know about other hosting that is the same or better for the same price than Dreamhost hosting.

Is Dreamhost an outstanding service? : Dreamhost Hosting Reviews:

Dreamhost was founded in 1997 and continues to be one of the industry’s best known hosting firms. Dreamhost is one of those companies that, with their core values, bring value to the entire market.

I give this view because I think it is important for you to understand these kinds of things, as they help to raise your understanding of the sort of business with which you are considering associating yourself.

Dreamhost began with shared hosting packages and then added WordPress hosting, VPS, Dedicated and then Controlled.

The Internet was not so busy when I began online in 2008, and spending money online was relatively uncommon. Before choosing my first hosting company, I had to do a lot of research, and I eventually chose Dreamhost for many reasons, including the following:

  • I was given a domain name that was free.
  • For my hosting bill, I had a discount coupon to save money.
  • I liked the concept of a one-click installation of WordPress and integration with Google apps.

I’ve been with Dreamhost for over a year, and I’ve had few issues like having “Internal server error” constantly & loading time slowness. Later, as my traffic increased dramatically, I received an email from Dreamhost about reducing the number of plugins for WordPress.

I normally love to keep my WordPress well configured, but it is unreasonable to lose the key SEO plugin. I finally switched ShoutMeLoud to another shared hosting server. If you start a new WordPress blog or website on a budget, Dreamhost is definitely a good choice, with the increasing slowness and Dreamhost support unable to help.

Dreamhost is certainly a decent choice if you’re starting a new WordPress blog or website on a budget, but there are better Dreamhost alternatives these days that give more value for money. (Later, more on this).

For now, here are some of Dreamhost’s noteworthy features – DreamHost Reviews:

  • Unlimited bandwidth + storage
  • SSD hosting
  • One free domain + Who is Guard
  • One-click WordPress installation (they offer custom cPanel)
  • Free AdWords credit
  • Round-the-clock tech support.

DreamHost is normally priced at $8.89/month, but using the coupon below will get you unlimited hosting for just $72 for one year, including one free domain name. If you are wondering why, for such a low price, they offer their premium hosting service, here is the reason:

In order to attract new clients, most web hosting companies invest a lot of money. They make their money from after-sales programs or at the time of renewal. In the web hosting industry, this is common practice, and it is useful knowledge to know you as the client.

SSD Hosting – DreamHost Reviews:

For all of their hosting levels, Dreamhost provides solid-state drives. One of the very few businesses that offer SSDs for shared hosting is Dreamhost. The best part is, with Dreamhost, you don’t have to pay a penny extra for SSD hosting. It is essential for you to know that SSD hosting increases the performance of your website by 200 percent.

Dreamhost cPanel – DreamHost Reviews:

Dreamhost provides a user-friendly custom cPanel, and it can be easily used even by a user with no tech skills at all. It will take five minutes to install your WordPress blog.

If you need more hosting power (resources) after running your blog for a few years, you can upgrade to any of their high-end packages, such as DreamPress, VPS or a dedicated server, quickly.

Overall, to begin with, Dreamhost is a decent host, but if you are looking for hosting that keeps your website up more than 99 percent and provides growth infrastructure as well.

I would like to know your experience and review of the service if you are an existing user of Dreamhost.

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