Best Solar Panel In India of 2020

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One of the most important problems facing Indians nationally is power cuts.

One way to ensure your office or home receives continuous power is by using generators or home inverters.

Generators can be difficult to use, and they are often noisy appliances. It consumes a lot of gasoline, as well.

Home inverters have their limitations, particularly when it comes to the load management.

Installation of a solar power plant in these conditions is an ideal solution.

Fortunately, India is blessed with ample sunlight, with most areas getting over 300 days of bright sunshine.

Second, solar power is available at no fee. The harnessing of this natural source of renewable energy would therefore be the perfect solution to the power shortage problems facing India today.

best solar panel in india

8 Best Solar Panel in India – Reviews


Not every house will have a 350 Watt requirement. But you do need solar panels with smaller production capacities. Loom Solar panels with power output as low as 50 watts are required to cater for limited requirements.

Loom Solar panels’ best feature is that the performance level doesn’t change with production levels. Such solar panels will produce up to 20 per cent output, the same as a 350W panel.

These solar panels are produced with mono-cristalline solar cell technology that even under low lighting conditions ensures the output of the quality present.

Those solar panels can also act as solar panels all-season. In cloudy environments they generate quality production, too.

The solar cells present in these panels are mono cells with A+ Grade Anti-PID capable of delivering exceptional efficiency. This business is the best when it comes to fabricating 12V mono-crystalline cells.

Other features include 4 busbars and 36 cells. The complete setup is complete with an IP67-rated junction box that comes with pre-installed diodes, a 1 M wire and a cable connector compatible with MC4.

This company uses Silicon cells of high quality in the manufacture of its panels. There are no manufacturing defects as they use automated processes to fabricate these plates.

The company nonetheless offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty along with a 25-year performance guarantee.

The 50W solar panel, which weighs about three kilograms, is one of the lightest panels available in the industry. These panels are simple to mount. They don’t demand a lot of space.

On your window-sill you can conveniently set up a mini-solar array, too. You should however ensure that there is no shading factor because it can affect the overall panel efficiency.

Loom Solar panels are expensive because they use mono-cristalline materials. Those 50W 12V solar panels would therefore be an suitable one to fulfill your immediate power requirements.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent to meet your needs for limited resources.

  • A 12AH SMF battery can be charged in about four hours.

  • Ideal for charging UPS machines and running 5 LED lights for six hours or so.

  • Not so useful to meet the more critical needs

We have seen that Loom solar panels are usually mono-crystalline panels which can deliver high efficiency levels. This solar panel with 10W 12V is made using poly-crystalline technology.

These panels can offer a 10.03 per cent efficiency level, a decent one given production levels. In addition, these panels also show high load resistance.

The benefit of the Loom Solar 10W panel is that even in low lighting situations such as rainy weather it can generate electricity. So it can prove to be a solar panel all-season.

Loom Solar uses silicone of high quality to manufacture these solar cells. Since these panels are made in an automated factory they are in all respects technically good.

These 10W 12V solar panels have the benefit that they can be carried anywhere inside your backpack. These compact solar panels are easy on short notice to install anywhere.

This system can also produce electricity under low lighting conditions , despite being a poly-cristalline stand. So today in India this appliance is a famous one.

In any case , the organization is not sacrificing on the security aspect. Such cells, too, give the same degree of toughened glass security. Such panels come with an aluminum frame identical to that which can withstand all conditions.

Loom Solar is also the industry leader in India when it comes to manufacturing solar panels. The solar panel of 10W 12V is India’s best solar panel in its category.

Pros and Cons

  • Extremely Portable and Light

  • 10.03 per cent decent efficiency

  • Good quality cells made of silicone

  • Pricing is something of a steal.


  • Less efficient when compared to mono-crystalline panels

sukamsolar panel 2 best solar panel in india

This Sukam 100W solar panel is similar in almost all respects to the 150W 12V panel discussed above. The only distinguishing characteristic of these panels is their power output. Such panels produce an average of 100 Watts compared with the 150W average.

Sukam goods have the advantage of being robust and able to perform excellently under extreme weather conditions.

The frame of aluminium provides excellent protection for useful solar cells. These poly-crystalline solar panels are made of poly-crystalline A+ Grade anti-PID cells that boast more than 16 percent of current conversion efficiency.

Although the efficiency rates are lower than those of mono-crystalline cells, these panels follow IEC requirements.

These panels require a larger area compared to the mono-crystalline cells. These Sukam panels need 12 square feet of area. Therefore it becomes easy to mount this solar power plant comfortably on your home terrace.

The Sukam 100W panels are sufficiently durable to withstand the harshest climatic conditions. With the solar cells these panels come with a protective glass covering. Such panels pass through stringent testing of reliability and durability before being published into the market.

Sukam solar panels have the advantage that they come with a five-year manufacturer warranty which covers all physical damage.

Such panels also come with a 25-year value warranty cover. But when it comes to longevity they are one of the best solar panels in India.

Those panels can recharge a 150AH battery comfortably in a day. Hence they play an important role in drastically raising the energy bills.

Sukam is a respected Indian manufacturing company with high quality solar panels. These panels have recently been ranked as one of the best available in India.

Pros and Cons

  • Sukam is a reputed name in the renewable energy sector in India.
  • These solar panels are consistently more than 16 per cent effective.
  • The Sukam solar panels are equally flexible and robust, though costing less than the mono-cristalline panels.
  • Such panels do not show the same levels of performance in gloomy and dimly lit environments.
sukamsolar panel 2 best solar panel in india

Sukam is one of India’s largest Inverter and Battery manufacturers. In all Sukam products one can expect a high degree of quality. These solar panels are no different from 150W. We come with exciting features that allow Sukam to rank among the top in India’s solar panel manufacturing sector, too.

The poly-crystalline panels are common as opposed to mono-crystalline products because of their comparatively low pricing rates.

Sukam 150W 12V solar panels are therefore strong enough to generate 8.5 amps of electric current.

Such panels come with a plus / minus 3 percent tolerance. Thus the output wattage may vary from 145W to 155W. On a sunny day you will reap the rewards of positive tolerance, but on rainy days you will still deal with the negative tolerance.

Sukam solar panels are one of the most robust and efficient panels on the market, as they have undergone extensive quality and reliability testing. These solar panels are compatible with the home inverters, especially Sukam manufactured ones.

Those panels can charge a 12V battery bank comfortably during the day. But in the case of a power loss, they will have excellent nighttime back-up.

To cover the solar cells, these poly-crystalline panels come with excellent safety features such as a sturdy aluminum frame and toughened glass. The encapsulation is also of the highest standard, equivalent to the industry ‘s best.

Sukam is a popular brand in India, with an excellent reputation. These panels could qualify as one of India’s best solar panels by 2020.

Pros and Cons

  • Sukam is a trustworthy brand name especially in rural and semi-urban India.
  • One of the durableest and most consistent goods
  • The company comes with a 25 year warranty on results
  • You need to charge a 150AH battery on two solar panels. Therefore, the computer will take up space.
luminius best solar panel in india

If Loom Solar is India’s best manufacturer of mono-cristalline panels, Luminous will claim to be the country’s best producer of poly-crystalline solar panels.

The Loom Solar are the best in efficiency, as they consistently show a 20 percent efficiency percentage. Luminous solar panels are not far behind on all their cells, with operating capacity approaching 16 per cent.

Spatially speaking, these panels are also the finest, because they do not occupy more than 10 square feet in area. And you can easily set up the solar system on your terrace too.

These panels are capable of providing a 160 watt output voltage that should be adequate to comfortably charge a 12 V battery bank. It can prove to be a good help in driving your household electrical appliances during a situation of power cuts.

The panels are made of poly-crystalline A+ Grade anti-PID cells, and can comfortably charge a lead-acid tubular battery during the day. This 160W panel produces full 8.7 amps of electricity when the sun is at its highest.

Since it follows IEC standards, highly reliable performance of luminous 160W 12V solar panels is. The company is providing up to 25 years of amazing warranty on the drug. Hence, at the most fair rates it is a lifetime investment.

Due to its low costs and a high degree of durability, the poly-cristalline solar panels are the most in demand in India. So, in India, luminous 165W 12V solar panels are the best solar panels in their section.

Pros and Cons

  • The 16 per cent cell conversion efficiency for a poly-crystalline panel is outstanding.

  • The 25 year success guarantee will encourage individuals to opt for this brand.

  • The business advertises up to 8.7 amps of high current output on a sunny day.

  • The poly-cristalline cells demonstrate less longevity than the mono-cristalline cells.
loom best solar panel in India

Thanks to the high quality of materials used in their production all Loom Solar products are among the best in their respective segments. This 125W 12V mono-cristalline solar panel (pack of two) is as powerful as the Loom Solar 180W and 350W products described above.

The strength of this product is that it has a 20 percent output margin. It’s way better than its industry predecessors. For showing these high-efficiency rates, the company praises the advanced cell technology used in the fabrication.

Such mono-cristalline panels need less room for installation compared with poly-crystalline and thin-film solar panels.

This product needs no larger than 16 square feet. Therefore the installation of this solar system on your terrace should not be a issue at all.

Loom Solar panels boast high-quality technology to produce their products. Such solar panels use mono-crystalline A+ grade Anti-PID Mono cells, thereby ensuring optimum performance relative to peers.

This product comes in junction box with pre-installed diodes. This junction box also contains a pair of one-metre wire and MC4 connectors.

These components allow installation of the panel at short notice. The junction box is one of the best in the world, IP67 certified product.

Loom Solar is India’s only manufacturer of solar panels that uses perk cells for producing its products in 12V design. Four busbars and 36 cells are included as additional feature.

Such panels also have the reputation of being the most rugged on the market , primarily due to the cell’s toughened glass safety and the sturdy aluminum frame that doesn’t rust. Therefore the company has no issue in giving the commodity a 25-year warranty.

Loom Solar makes use of a mono-cristalline cell. Those panels are also costly but the latest production is one of the industry ‘s best.

Pros and Cons

  • Great efficiency of up to 20%, one of the industry ‘s strongest
  • Uses optimal space
  • Incredibly tough due to the unbreakable hard glass
  • Is not very effective when managing rainy days
loom solar panel in india

Loom Solar offers a variety of 24V and 12V Solar Panels. These 12V panels are just as powerful as the 24V panels we discussed earlier.

Loom Solar Panels are one of the country’s most robust solar panels due to the 3.2 mm toughened glass that covers the mono-cristalline solar cells. Together with heavy snowfall and rainfall, these panels can also withstand harsh weather.

The water- and dust-proof junction boxes are also among the best on the market. The IP68 certification provides ample evidence of the junction box’s durability.

Such panels are the best in the company on the usability front, as these 12V panels are ideal for charging 12V batteries. We can also be used by putting several solar panels into series for charging 24V or 48V batteries.

Those panels are the best in grid-tied applications charging.

The 40-inch cables which come with MC4 connectors are the lot’s sturdiest. They ensure electrical leakage is not present at any point. One of the most reliable components that come along with these panels are the pre-installed diodes present in the junction box.

Such 12V solar panels are as good on the output front as any with an open circuit voltage of 23.26 volts and a maximum operating current of 9.03 amps. The criterion for ISC is 9.31 Amps.

These 180 watt 12V solar panels are made of Black Silicon A-grade cells to achieve the maximum electricity from the sun.

Reports say these panels can offer 20 per cent efficiency, as they work admirably under low lighting conditions. Featuring five busbars and 36 columns, these mono-cristalline panels come featuring.

The aluminum anti-rust frame makes those solar panels one of the most durable in the section. The firm acknowledges the longevity and therefore provides a maximum 25-year warranty on this product.

While expensive compared to poly-crystalline panels, these Loom Solar panels are among the most effective products in their category.

Pros and Cons

  • The current generation of 9 vamps is one of the best in the industry

  • Efficiency High

  • Reliable and long lasting commodity


  • A few customers complained about bad after-sales support

luminus 325 solar panel india

Luminous is one of India’s largest inverter and solar-panel manufacturers. Since this company has a reputation for manufacturing world-class inverters, manufacturing compatible solar panels isn’t a problem for them. Such solar panels measuring 325 watts suit the bill perfectly.

Poly-crystalline panels are comparatively less effective than mono-crystalline panels but offer an excellent 325 watt performance.

Such panels consume greater space compared with the mono-crystalline panels. To deliver maximum performance, the Luminous 325 Watt 24V panels require 20 square feet.

These panels have 24 Volts operating voltage. The Luminous plates, made of poly-crystalline materials, come with a 25-year efficiency guarantee. It indicates that these panels are one of the most popular products on the market.

The Luminous panels display the best-in – class conversion results and thus live up to their status as one of the best in the industry.

Those panels comply with IEC requirements. We absorb more light as we come with anti-reflective coating and black surfaces to provide higher performance.

The Luminous Solar Panels feature advanced encapsulation with EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), thus ensuring greater protection for modules. The edges of the high-strength, lightweight aluminum frame provide high torsional resistance to hailstorms and raging winds.

The resistance technology PID (Potential-Induced Degradation) guarantees a high degree of protection against power loss due to stray currents, which are caused by different climatic conditions.

Such panels provide optimum output in situations of low visibility, such as evenings, mornings and rainy afternoons.

The Luminous Solar Panels also rank among the best solar panels available in India at the most affordable prices, despite their limitations.

Pros and Cons

  • Good price making it one of India’s most famous solar panels

  • High quality current output in conversions

  • Antireflective coating for improved absorption

  • As back-up, these panels need two batteries. Therefore, the overall cost factor could rise.
  • Not as big as the mono-cristalline panels

# Advantages of Installing a Solar PV system

  • Installing a Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) device will effectively tackle the issue of power cuts.
  • Below are the advantages of installing solar photovoltaic systems to produce power for your domestic and commercial needs.
  • Installing a solar photovoltaic system is a onetime investment.
  • The network requires limited maintenance, thus supplying the household or commercial enterprise with continuous electricity supply.
  • The primary raw material, that is, the sunshine, is available free of charge. Your solar photovoltaic system harnesses this free natural resource for electricity production.
  • The device also aims to reduce your consumption in addition to producing power, thus helping you control your energy bills.
  • The current solar photovoltaic system can also supply energy to the primary grid, whereby you are an electricity source rather than a customer. This helps the respective states overcome a deficit in their power supply.
  • Indian government has launched incentives, thus allowing people to use solar energy for their consumption of electricity.
  • The household is having ongoing electricity supply. Provision is made for storing the electricity generated in a battery that is connected to a home inverter.