Best Kitchen Chimneys of 2020

In this article I will show you Best Kitchen Chimneys of 2020 on Amazon You can easily Buying this list of purifier.If you want a sparkling clean kitchen, you’ll need a chimney in the kitchen.In 2018, research team from HomeZene visited different homes, both with and without chimneys. We then combined the comparison of the kitchens of these homes, with data from customer reviews.According to it, chimney kitchens are much cleaner, because their average cleanliness is 4.1/5. Yet those without chimneys had a rating of 2.8/5 on cleanliness.Now that you know that you made the right decision, let’s get to the real questions-which chimney will you buy? And what should you consider before buying?Here are the 4 essential factors you should bear in mind:
  1. Size: Easy to do. If you have 3 or less hobs(burners) in your cooktop(stove) then look for 60 cm models. The 90 cm models are more suitable for any stove that uses more than 3 hobs.
  2. Suction: The suction strength recommended for the 60 cm and 90 cm models is 1200 m3 / hour.
  3. Noise: Most chimneys these days come with a standard noise level of 58 db.
  4. Quick to clean: Some kitchen chimneys come with options for auto-cleaning while others do not. Auto-cleaning alternative also improves the price factor. If you are a budget constraint then make sure at least that the chimney you choose is easy to clean. If you’re concerned how to clean a cooking chimney easily
Best Kitchen Chimneys

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

We chose seven options based on customer reviews and popularity of the chimneys. Other important factors like light, suction speed, timer etc. In our “Buying Guide Here” you can read them clearly. In addition, we selected the best brands based on the quality of their products, service, durability etc.

#1. Elica Auto Clean Chimney – Most Recommended Best Kitchen Chimneys

elica best kitchen chimneyElica’s manufacturers have made this product truly with elegance and grace. It not only enhances your kitchen interiors but also adds a luxurious touch to them. A touch control panel is provided to ensure ease of operation.Another major benefit of this company is heat auto clean technology. The chimney will purify itself by simply pressing a button. This is done by using heating device that eliminates particles of sticky oil and allows it to be collected in an oil collector. You can only clean that from time to time.This product has a suction power of 1200m^3 / hr which is efficient enough to get rid of the smoke, heat and harmful gasses emitted from the gas stove. Also this kitchen chimney comes with 2 LED lamps that provide perfect cooking light. Such lamps only use 3 Watts of electricity, so that you don’t have to think about more fuel.Within this chimney the baffle filter allows oils and other contaminants to settle in the baffle. This helps free movement of the air without any interruption.



  • The suction capacity 1200 m3 / hr
  • Suitable for Burners 2 and 4
  • Fashionable look with curved glass
  • 2 Cause filters
  • Consumption: 180-watt
  • 2 LED Lamps for adequate lighting
  • Touch Operating Panel
  • Technology to heat auto clean.
  • Installation is not made available.
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#2. Eurodomo 90cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney- Best Kitchen Chimneys

Best kitchen chimney in IndiaAuto cleaning feature is one of the finest aspects of a chimney. Manual cleaning of a chimney is a difficult job. So it is often best to have a chimney with an auto-cleaning system. One such gadget is the Eurodomo Chimney.Refer to Our Other Products:Paddle Mixer Manufacturers in IndiaPaddle Dryer Manufacturers in IndiaThis chimney comes with a powerful motor which allows 1200 m3 / hr of suction power. Therefore during cooking you have less smoke and more fragrance. Secondly, the suction action eliminates the dust and ensures healthy eating.The stainless steel baffle filters help drag the oil, soot, and other residues downwards. Therefore the filter needs less cleaning and maintenance. The auto heat clean technology helps remove the impurities without manual intervention.Because of the touch control panel with a digital control panel this chimney is easy to run.LED lights are available directly under the chimney for lighting up the area. The construction of the chimney is such that it fits perfectly into your kitchen, thus gaining the reputation of being the best chimney under Rs 10,000.



  • Excellent design with glazed finish
  • 1200 m3 / hr High suction power
  • Simple to clean Filter Buffle
  • Not conducive to small kitchens
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#3. Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney – Best Kitchen Chimneys

Hindware best kitchen chimneysHindware is a local Indian company, which produces some of India’s best kitchen chimneys. With a premium stainless steel finish, this chimney has a glistening look.This chimney comes fitted with energy-efficient LED lamps for lighting up your kitchen, particularly the countertops and other areas where you are cooking.The highlight of this chimney is the auto-clean thermal feature which helps to clean the oil and other residues without any manual intervention.The stainless steel baffle filters operate efficiently to cause the oil to settle within the baffle while allowing free flow of air. In the oil collector cup the oil residue gathers and can be collected and washed at any time.The metallic blower has a high 1200 m3 / hr suction capacity, whereby you have less smoke in the kitchen. The efficient motor ensures it uses as little power as it can. Thanks to the one-touch controls the chimney is easy to work.



  • Simple to use, and chimney clean
  • High suction capacity: 1200 m3 / hr
  • Great style bringing glow to the kitchen
  • Maximizes cooking airflow by eliminating smoke
  • Installing the appliance is a costly affair
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#4. Bosch 90cm 800m3/hr Chimneys – Best Kitchen Chimneys Our Best Pick

BoschAs they come with the advanced German technology, Bosch chimneys are one of the best available on the market. The dimensions of this Bosch chimney are such that they fit perfectly into any medium sized kitchen. This chimney is best suited for the construction of a 3 to 5 burner gas stove.The chimney comes with an 800m3 / hr suction capacity which should be suitable for a kitchen with area of less than 100 sq. Ft. Ft. This suction ability should be suitable for low frying and grilling operations. It comes equipped with a 350W motor to allow efficient suction.The Baffle filter is easy to clean. It is also best to have it professionally washed every six months in order to prevent any oil and soot build-up.This chimney comes with pushbuttons that provide simple operating controls. One of the key advantages of this chimney is it doesn’t make a lot of noise.There are LED lights available which can illuminate the areas directly beneath this chimney. This chimney is today ranked among India’s best kitchen chimneys.



  • Strong , powerful suction motor
  • Small noise, up to 73db
  • Filters with 3-layer baffle
  • Cost is a problem, because cheaper models are available
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#5. Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney – Best Kitchen Chimneys

faber best kitchen chimneysFaber is an internationally renowned chimney brand that suits Indian cuisines. Indian cuisines have plenty of oil and soot. Because of its powerful motor with a practical suction capacity of 1200 m3 / hr, Faber chimney is the best one to have in these circumstances.This chimney comes with auto head cleaning technology that allows a single touch of a button to clean the chimney. In the oil collector, the oil residue collects and can be collected and washed out at leisure.The strongest part of this filter is that it uses technology which is filterless. Hence, this chimney’s maintenance costs are next to nothing.The powerful motor ensures lower noise levels, allowing you to focus without any disturbance on your cooking.This chimney comes with two LED lamps that not only provide your kitchen countertops with sufficient lighting but also consume less electricity.Faber chimney is a next-gen chimney, with outstanding features such as control of motion and control of touch. The gesture control mechanism enables the chimney to work without any physical touch.Pros


  • Technology free from filters
  • Cleaning auto head
  • Powerful Engine
  • Outstanding suction capability
  • Cost can be a constraining factor
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#6. Sunflame Kitchen Chimney – Best Kitchen Chimneys

sunflame best kitchen chimneysLast but not least Sunflame is the product from our list. This mark has been one of India’s well-known kitchen appliances brands. Sunflame Innova has grabbed a place in our list because of its performance and capability among their wide range of kitchen chimneys.This product features rugged curved glass and metal finish hood ensuring long lasting longevity and reliability. It also features baffle filter that ensures that oil residues do not block the flow of air. For Indian kitchens, those filters are perfect. For proper maintenance of the airflow, you must clean the filters once every 6 months.It comes with 1100m3 / hr suction power which is good enough for a > 200sqft size kitchen. It also features a charcoal filter that allows ductless operation. The one touch control panel allows access to the feature and to control it.Besides that, one unique thing about this product is that it comes in combination with a gas stove with 2 burner. When you’ve purchased a new house or you’re newly married, then this is a great deal.



  • 1100m3 / h Suction capacity
  • 2-Year Guarantee
  • Touch-check
  • Baffle filter and Coal filter
  • Comes bundled with gas cooker
  • Suitable for Kitchens of small to medium scale
  • Extra roomy toughened glass cooker
  • Brushed stainless steel with matte finish.
  • The gas stove base is not equilibrated properly
  • A bit of a noisy chimney.
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#7. Glen 6071EX Black Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney 60cm 1000m3/hr – Best Kitchen Chimneys

glenGlen kitchen chimney is a household name in India, as these chimneys have been around for more than two decades. This chimney has a stunning build, and gracefully stands out to enhance your kitchen atmosphere. The toughened glass body makes it a robust, heat-resistant, but still easy-to-clean, appliance.The stainless steel baffle filter with a dynamic airflow ensures that the oil and other grime collects for quick removal into the oil collector.The advanced designing ensures that the accumulation of the oil residue separately does not reduce the airflow. The powerful motor allows for efficient suction to make your kitchen in your home a pollution-free zone.The chimney comes with easy-to-use control choices allowing you to select between three different speeds and the light hob.The LED lighting features are perfectly placed to illuminate the sensitive areas of your kitchen, such as your countertops and surrounding areas, so you can cook conveniently.Even though this chimney does not come with an auto-cleaning option, the advanced design features make it simple to clean.



  • Excellent architecture and beautiful apps
  • Strengthy suction
  • Is well suited to Indian conditions
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Does not offer auto head cleaning
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Best Kitchen Chimneys in India: Buying Guide

If you intend to buy an acceptable chimney for your kitchen, you need to weigh several factors before making any buying decisions.To learn how to pick such a chimney, the following considerations must be considered. It should fit the needs of your kitchen such as capacity, size , type of mounting, filtration etc.Overall, under your budget, the model you choose should have Excellent performance & design. So, read out this Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide to get a clearer idea of which one to buy.

How do you choose the Best kitchen chimneys?

When you go through all of this purchasing guide, this should not be difficult. This is an effort to encompass all of the factors that go into selecting your home ‘s best kitchen chimney.

Final Words –

Now that you’ve seen the best kitchen chimneys in India, nothing should hold you back from making use of Amazon ‘s fantastic deals. The homemaker deserves this excellent gadget, after all, which can make her life so much simpler and relaxed.So, have you enjoyed the choices we listed? Or you have opted for something else. Or, when choosing a best kitchen chimney, if you have any doubts, let us know in comments. Our experts will respond at the earliest opportunity.Useful Resources –