Best Food Processor In India

best food processor in india
best food processor in india

You’re going to buy the Best food processor, and this is the best place to go. Here we’ll list the top 8 best food processor in India along with their buyer’s guide.

A food processor is a kitchen gadget that allows you slicing, grinding, mixing and juicing. With it, food preparation is simpler as well as quicker. It saves your time in chopping & cutting and also serves the role of grinder and juicer.

In other words, the food processor should handle much of the pre-meal preparations. It will help you with routine activities, too. In this post, we will discuss all the factors that should be considered before buying a food processor. And we’ll also send a list of the 8 best food processors in India.

These are The 8 Best Food Processor in India 2020

Best Food Processor in India

1. Inalsa Maxie Premia 800-Watt Food Processor – Best Food Processor

Inalsa Maxie Premia 800-Watt Food Processor with 3 Jars (Grey PU Spray Painted)
262 Reviews
Inalsa Maxie Premia 800-Watt Food Processor with 3 Jars (Grey PU Spray Painted)
  • 30 minutes continuous (max)
  • Includes:- Food Processor, Centrifugal/Citrus Juicer, 4 Functional Disc Blades, Egg Whisker, Chopper, Atta Kneader, 2.0L Break Resistant PC Blender Jar, 1.0L SS Dry Grinding Jar, 400ml SS Chutney Jar
  • Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 Years on Motor
  • Power: 800 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 volts ; Power LED Light ; 4 Functional Disc Blades ; High Gloss UV Paint ; RPM Bowl: 3000 Max., RPM Jar Side: 18000Max. ; Cord Plug / Length: 3 Pins, 1.5 m ; Speed: 3
  • Do not worry if you experience some burning smell when you run the unit for the 1st time. This is due to the motor varnish getting heated for the 1st time. The problem should not recur in subsequent uses. If it does, please contact Brand Service Centre .For any issue kindly contact_us on:[9773982069] [9773982070] 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Here you have one more stable product from the Inalsa food processor. The only difference between this drug and the ones discussed above is the engine capacity.

This food processor comes with an 800-watt engine which makes it a powerful appliance. Even the appliance is an elegant-looking one with a sleek style. Let us look at some of that food processor’s defining features.

  • The highlight of this food processor is the break-resistant, transparent jar.
  • Kneading the dough for your atta isn’t a challenge anymore.
  • It is also possible to grind your spices to make chutneys, as this appliance has an external dry grinder jar attachment.
  • This processor comes with various blades including chopper blades, kneading blades, mincing blades, grating blades, etc.
  • Ideal for preparing fresh fruit and vegetable juices, the centrifugal juicer. The citrus juicer is great for caring for citrus fruits such as sweet lime, bananas, grapefruit, etc.


  • The 800-watt motor is a powerful one which can operate at a pace for 30 minutes.
  • The number of attachments that are available with this processor is unmatched.
  • This food processor’s kneading system is the best that’s on the market.


  • Customers complained about the faulty drive belt.
  • Makes quite a lot of noise

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2. Inalsa Craze Dx 700-Watt Food Processor – Best Food Processor

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Inalsa is a favourite with many households because it produces some of the business’s most powerful and economical food processors. Performance wise, it and the rest are right up there.

You get a lot of useful attachments to help you do just about any tedious job in the kitchen. This food processor does the task of bringing together all of the appliances.

  • This food processor allows for the preparation of a variety of recipes.
  • The pulse and 3-speed settings ensure you have maximum control.
  • The longer feeding tube means you don’t have to cut the fruits and vegetables before putting them into the appliance. It also stops you from having injuries that are untoward.
  • Whipping, whisking, and emulsifying the eggs with this processor is a simple task.
  • A powerful 700-watt engine.
  • It is no longer a difficult task to knead the dough for making atta for chapattis.
  • The 3 high-quality multi-purpose glasses. They are clear and immune to breakage.
  • The unique locking system prevents the appliance from starting in case the components are not assembled in the correct way.
  • The centrifugal juicer is good for harvesting fresh fruit and vegetable juice.


  • Good quality fittings make it a handy food processor
  • An incredibly healthy food processor which can be used
  • Powerful but cost effective all the way


  • Jars aren’t free from BPA
  • This food processor has very sensitive plastic parts which can break down

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3. Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 650-Watt Mini Food Processor – Best Food Processor

Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 650-Watt Mini Food Processor (Black)
658 Reviews
Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 650-Watt Mini Food Processor (Black)
  • Power 650W, 2 Speed + Pulse 1.5L bowl (usable capacity) ; Power: 650 W ; Voltage: 220-240 V ; Frequency: 50/60Hz ; Cord length: 1.0 m ; RPM blender (max): 21000 rpm ; RPM bowl (max): 1900 rpm
  • This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product related queries
  • Appliance will switch on only if these parts are assembled correctly - Please refer the PDF in User manual to explain safety locking mechanism
  • PowerChop technology for superior chopping performance
  • Emulsifying tool for cream and egg whites

In certain ways the Philips Food Processor is a lightweight one. Using it for a range of kitchen jobs including cutting, mincing, boiling, boiling, spinning, juicing, slicing, etc.

This food processor has a wider feeding tube, relative to other similar items in its niche. Let us take a look at this food processor’s other admirable features.

  • For the Indian kitchen, the 2-speed settings and pulse system for whipping cream and beating eggs is ideal.
  • The bigger feeding tube saves fruits and vegetables pre-cutting time.
  • Using the emulsifying device to increase the consistency and fluffiness of the egg whites and milk.
  • The 650-watt engine is also a powerful and economical one.
  • The food processor comes with a citrus press setting to prepare fresh juice
  • The 2.1-liter bowl helps you to combine up to 5 portions in one attempt.
  • The Power Chop technology ensures excellent work, as it provides a superior cutting and mining experience for vegetables and fruits
  • The absence of the inner shaft guarantees no mess when using this food processor.
  • S-blade solid inoxidable steel is ideal for chopping vegetables.
  • Take the best slicing and shredding experience with the reversible stainless steel disc.
  • Each accessory is safe to use in a dishwasher.


  • The Power Chop system is great because it offers good working efficiency.
  • The name Philips should evoke a sense of contentment
  • This is an all-round strong food processor.
  • The lightweight unit.


  • It’s good to make juices but using this food processor, you don’t get healthy smoothies.
  • It has no major grinding connection, much as other food processors do.

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4. Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600-Watt Food Processor – Best Food Processor

Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600-Watt Food Processor (White)
889 Reviews
Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600-Watt Food Processor (White)
  • Its in-built locking mechanism ensure consumer safety, The twist and lock mechanism of the processing bowl have to be applied properly in-order to start the food processor
  • Sturdy and powerful 600 watts, 18000 RPM motor, 3 speed control & pulse function
  • Efficient processing, grinding, liquidizing, juicing and atta kneading
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate processing bowl with lid
  • 1.5 litre unbreakable polycarbonate liquidizing jar with stainless steel blade

Bajaj has a reputation for effective delivery. So it is no surprise that while manufacturing this food processor they continue the trend. This is a convenient tool capable of performing several tasks as it helps with the time-consuming and boring work.

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Not only does it make cooking more enjoyable than ever but it also ensures that the food maintains its high taste quality. Here are some of the main characteristics of this food processor.

  • The configuration of 3 velocities has a pulse function for the momentary operation.
  • Edelstahl and polycarbonate jars are made of high-grade food material
  • This food processor is a multifunctional appliance that can quickly cut, slice, shred, and grind your vegetables and other food products.
  • Now it is a simple job to whip creams for cakes and pastries and to prepare delicious purées.
  • This appliance comes with a small jar attachment to make chutneys, an Indian favorite.
  • The 600-watt engine is a powerful one as it works effectively. The protection against motor overload is a precautionary scheme.
  • The interlocking device helps prevent unintended injury.
  • The robust body allows for a classic build.


  • Excellent for producing fruit and vegetable juices as well
  • One of the best devices to knead atta for your chapattis
  • Rapid service thereby saving a lot of time


  • Brings out noise
  • Plastic parts may break

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5. Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor – Best Food Processor

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Up until now we’ve seen four mechanized food processors. Now let us look at the manual food processor that is able to do the job properly. A two gear system comes with the manual food processor, one for power and the other for speed.

The sharp blades ensure vegetables are cut and chopped easily. It comes with a system for whipping to mix the dough and beat the eggs.

  • The good architecture provides an outstanding experience. Using this manual food processor the chopping of meat and vegetables is simple.
  • It’s also quick to knead the dough and make the batter for pastries.
  • A novel one is the dual velocity manual food processor. The first gear chops the food into more substantial chunks while the second stage ensures the food is properly chopped and minced.
  • Use various blades to chop, grind, mince and knead.
  • It is also an easy job to break the ice using this manual food processor
  • This gadget comes with a special whipping for egg mixing and beating, yogurt making, and cream making.


  • Does not use energy, as it is a food processor manually
  • Dual-speed system for greater performance
  • User friendly
  • Move link so as to prevent food spillage


  • Small rates of productivity due to hand operation
  • Not suitable for extremely fine vegetable chopping, particularly to make halwa
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6. Philips Food Processor HL 1661 – Best Food Processor

Philips Food Processor HL1661 700Watts with Chutney Jar
354 Reviews
Philips Food Processor HL1661 700Watts with Chutney Jar
  • Compact and easy to Assemble
  • Small Chutney Jar and Blender Jar - for Shakes and Smoothies
  • Slicing and Shredding Blades - for those perfect salads and toppings
  • Atta Kneading Jar - for perfect Atta Kneading
  • Mixing Grinding Jar - for Masala, Paste and Chutney

This Philips food processor is a compact machine that can replace the mixer, the juicer and the wet grinding machine. Today this multipurpose gadget is an integral component of nearly every kitchen in India.

  • Because of its compact nature this appliance is simple to assemble.
  • The tiny container is great for chutney production. The blender is the best for the preparation of lip-smacking milkshakes and smoothies.
  • This food processor features sharp stainless steel blades to make slicing and shredding vegetables simple and to make the perfect salads and toppings.
  • The mixing-grinding container for grinding masalas, chutneys and other edible pastes is the perfect one.
  • This unit comes with a juicer system to juic hard and soft fruits. The juicer is powerful enough to accommodate, besides oranges and tomatoes, carrots and apples.
  • Due to the sharp chopping blades, chopping onions and other vegetables get simple.


  • Performance impeccable and looks exquisite
  • Ideal cooking partner for your houseworker
  • Powerful engine ensuring optimum performance
  • Operational controls easy to use
  • Compact nature which is not only safe but also smaller in space


  • Rates are on the higher side
  • The situation with the juicer should have been easier.

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7. Inalsa Inox 1000-Watt Food Processor – Best Food Processor

Inalsa Food Processor INOX 1000-Watt With Blender Jar / 304 Grade SS Dry Grinding / Chutney Jar / 12 Accessories | 2 Yr Warranty on Motor |Centrifugal/ Citrus Juicer | (Black/Silver)
1,129 Reviews
Inalsa Food Processor INOX 1000-Watt With Blender Jar / 304 Grade SS Dry Grinding / Chutney Jar / 12 Accessories | 2 Yr Warranty on Motor |Centrifugal/ Citrus Juicer | (Black/Silver)
  • Spend Less Time In The Kitchen-This multi-function 1000W food processor comes quipped with 100% Copper Motor & does it all. Ideal for busy kitchens when space is at a premium. Deal with any tasks including grinding,blending,mixing & juicing.Perform multiple tasks with just one appliance
  • Unlimited Functions - This appliance is suitable for chopping, shredding, slicing and emulsifying foods. It can make citrus and vegetable juice, beat cake batter and egg whites, knead bread-dough & grind meats and vegetable , Cord Plug / Length :3 Pins, 1.1 m
  • Superior Quality & Multi-Purpose Jars-Made from high-quality steel which can be used for powerful processing. 1.5L PC BPA-Free Blender Jar,1.0L Dry Grinding Jar,400ml Chutney Jar. Whatever ingredients you’ll have your work will be done in a jiffy. RPM Bowl side( at no Load ) at Max. Speed 2000 Max. RPM Jar Side (at no Load ) at Max. Speed
  • Savour The Flavour-- With precise slicing and dicing, the perfection of each piece allows for even cooking, even flavors and a perfectly textured plate of produce. The end result - a dish that tastes as good as it looks
  • Sit & Relax, Let The Food Processor Do All The Work For You- The capacity of the main bowl is 2L making it ideal for preparing large meals.No need to stop, you can process large volumes of food in one go. Save time, meal prep & money

Inalsa Inox will improve the cooking experience, as it manufactures some of the business’ best food processors. The 1000-watt food processor is a versatile one which can manage all activities to help you cook the most delicious dishes for your loved ones.

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A colossal 2.4-liter tub. You have 3 more dry and wet grinding bowls. The centrifugal juicer is also excellent for the preparation of citrus juices.

  • The speed control knob helps you to control speed while cooking your favorite dishes and maintain consistency. The 3-speed rotary switch lets you adjust the speed to match your needs.
  • This food processor comes with five separate practical SS disc blades to perform a variety of kitchen tasks such as kneading and chopping, in addition to daily grinding, chopping, and mincing.
  • The citrus press will ensure that you get more juice from the citrus fruits. You save time as a higher volume of juice is being processed.
  • The downside is that the press has a lead-free coating that is non-toxic and accredited, thereby making it clean.
  • The machine has separate wet grinding tubes, dry grinding, and juicing tubes. You’ve got a small pot to ground the chutneys.
  • The centrifugal juicer is suitable for extracting juice from all types of fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots etc.


  • All-purpose food processor able to perform a variety of jobs
  • Keeps high health requirements
  • Strong engine and extensive attachments
  • Makes comparatively less noise compared to other comparable sized food processors


  • A heavy appliance is not feasible, hence constant change
  • The cost of the appliance may also be a disincentive to others

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8. Philips Food Processor HL 1660 700W – Best Food Processor

Philips 700-Watt Food Processor (HL1660)
165 Reviews
Philips 700-Watt Food Processor (HL1660)
  • Appliance will switch on only if these parts are assembled correctly - please refer the pdf in ""user manual to explain safety locking mechanism
  • Mixing grinding jar - for masala, paste and chutney
  • Blender jar - for shakes and smoothies, slicing & shredding blades - for those perfect salads and toppings
  • Atta kneading jar - for perfect atta kneading
  • Juicer - for juicing hard and soft fruits like carrots, apple, oranges, etc . Chopping blades - for onion and other vegetable chopping; most compact and easy to assemble

You get outstanding service with Philips. This food processor is such that you can not operate it unless the appliance has been installed correctly. This can do a variety of jobs such as baking, liquidizing, baking, cutting, kneading, juicing and slicing etc.

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You get a 2-year warranty for the Philips food processor. It is working on Power Chop technology thus providing better efficiency than any other food processor. Below are some of the handy appliance ‘s exquisite apps.

  • The 700-watt motor is a powerful one that provides a full output
  • The Power Chop technology is unusual in that it uses a blade shape combination, cutting angle, and an inner bowl that produces an outstanding chopping performance.
  • The 2-speed and pulse settings ensure you have full power
  • The food processor comes with healthy accessories for dishwasher use
  • This food processor is easy to install.
  • It has high-quality jars made of stainless steel to facilitate better grinding of batters, pastes and purees. In the same container, you can render both milkshakes and lassi.
  • The solid foundation ensures the appliance stays secure when the dough is kneaded
  • The centrifugal juicer is good for hardened and soft fruit juice preparations.


  • The Power Chop technology offers better experience when cutting vegetables
  • This unit saves tremendous power
  • It is a secure tool to work with, because it does not work unless you correctly assemble the parts


  • Coconuts are not very good at grating
  • It does not come with a tiny jar to grind spices

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Buying Guide – Best Food Processor

Imagine how many kitchen appliances a family of four to five members requires to prepare a decent meal. Indian cuisine is such that you need a variety of chutneys, a few curries, potatoes, chapattis, juices etc.

You have had the grinding stones in the olden days to ground these spices. People used to use their hands to knead a dough. Mixie’s discovery had changed everything. People began using this apparatus to prepare their chutneys and purees.

First came the Grinder. This helped much in grinding ingredients such as garlic, coriander, tamarind, turmeric, etc. There was therefore a need for a robust kitchen appliance that could take care of all the above tasks.

The food processor is the dream appliance. Let us look at the specific considerations that you can look into when buying a food processor.

The food processor is a mixer and grinder hybrid. It can cut, chop, slim, grind and even extract juices from the fruits and vegetables.
Most of the food processors come with an attachment for preparing chapattis by kneading the flour. The advantage over the mixer and the grinder that the food processor has is that it has interchangeable blades and less efficient motor.

It helps the appliance to perform several tasks, such as slicing, shredding, grinding, and pureeing.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Food Processor

1. What is the use of the choppers?

The chopper attachment has immense usefulness for chopping vegetables, such as onions, coriander leaves, potatoes, etc. It can also be used for shredding cheese, cod, carrots and other similar vegetables. With the chopper attachment, mincing meat is simple too.

2. How do you puree hard ingredients?

Before you puree the hard ingredients it is advisable to cut them into small pieces. Gradually add them, rather than tossing them into the food processor.

3. Should I crush ice in a jug blender?

Yes, crushing ice in a blender for jug is fast. Within the blender put the ice cubes with the motor turned off. Remove the cover, and then turn on the engine.

Final Words

We covered every aspect of food processors. Such devices have remained in modern Indian cuisine. When India marches ahead on the technology front, the grinding stone and wheel have become extinct today.