Best Double Door Refrigerator

Best Double Door Refrigerator
Best Double Door Refrigerator

A kitchen without the refrigerator is hard to imagine, because it has become easy to store vegetables , fruits, dairy products etc. in your refrigerator. Rather than luxury, it’s become necessity. Throughout the long term, it allows the maintenance of nutrients to encourage healthy life.

Double door refrigerators provide more space compared to single doors; it allows you to access often required products from the refrigerator without opening the fridge, this does not lower the temperature of the whole refrigerator, and also helps conserve energy.

These are a few key aspects that you should consider before purchasing a refrigerator.


Decide your refrigerator capacity depending on your family size.

The refrigerator capacity varies from 230 L to 550 L. This map will help you determine which capability you want.

Capacity Family Size 230L- 260L 3-4 members, 2 adults+ 2 kids 260L- 350L 4-5 members, 3 adults+ 2 Kids 350L- 550L 6+ members

BEE Star:

The concept of the BEE star rating is simple, since the appliances are rated on a scale of 5 for their energy efficiency. If it’s more energy efficient then its rating of 5 stars and 1 star means less efficient. More stars are having a big price tag. We don’t suggest refrigerator that is less than 3 stars.

Compressor to inverter:

Inverter compressor is advanced compared to conventional refrigerators and works for energy savings of up to 20- 30 per cent. You can initially consider the refrigerator cost nothing, but you end up spending on your power bills.

Inbuilt stabilizer, design and conversion facility are just a few other essential features to remember in our Buying Guide.

Product reviews will help you select the best choice that matches your needs.