Best Coffee Machine In India

best coffee machine in india
best coffee machine in india

India is generally regarded as a tea-drinking country, while the Southern States have a splendid filter coffee scene, for most Indians, coffee has always meant the tepid instant coffee of the Bru or Nescafe type.
Yet things are shifting as Indians jump on jets to whirl the globe; we’ve developed a fresh taste for coffee. We don’t want to drink a sweet instant type; we want the experience of a freshly brewed cuppa.

Now the process of Brewing for centuries has been really complicated with all the roasting, grinding and filtering involved, but now we have our modern age saviors in great Coffee machines that will get you great coffee without any hassles.

So, let ‘s continue the journey of understanding the art of brewing coffee.

Types of Coffee beans

Most of the coffee in the world is either An Arabica or a Robusta or a combination of the two, although there are other types that are usually uncommon and often more handmade. Chicory is also applied to the blend to improve the taste and texture of the coffee.

Now, the roasting bit,

So, the light roast is also known as the first crack. It has more acidity and less fat.

Medium Roast is often dry but more caramelized, where the body is fuller with less acidity, with a bitter taste profile.

Dark Roast involves roasting beans to the second crack, at this point the beans begin to taste oily and the notes are sweet and thicker.

There’s more exotic roast available, but that’s another day.

Now we’re going to the sacred cycle of brewing coffee. Brewing it right is just as critical as picking the right bean and roasting it to your preference.

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