best induction cooktop

Best Induction Cooktop: Buyer Guide & Reviews

Best Induction Cooktop

Best Induction Cooktop in india
Best Induction Cooktop in india
best induction cooktop
best induction cooktop

The average Indian kitchen is getting smarter, and even before the smartphone was a thing, it’s got in. A number of modern gadgets replace older cooking methods and make the process quicker and easier.

The best Induction cooktop is increasingly becoming a kitchen requirement and almost everyone is looking to buy one for their kitchen or replace the old ones. Here’s a comprehensive list to let you select your kitchen ‘s best induction cooktop based on its features and budget.

Indian market demand for induction stoves has grown tremendously in the last few years. And multiple companies have introduced various models in the Indian market in line with this rising demand. Choosing the best one from different models can be a difficult task for you according to your needs. Especially if this is the first time you do it.

Best Induction Cooktop In India 1

Below we’ve provided a list of India’s nine best induction cooktop to simplify your job. In addition, we addressed the benefits and disadvantages of each product included in this list. Along with that, at the end of the article, we provided a buyer’s guide. Hopefully, this all-inclusive guide will help you buy your home with the best induction cooktop.

These are The 8 Best Induction Cooktop in India 2020

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Best Induction Cooktop in India

1. Preethi Trendy Plus 116 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop – Best Induction Cooktop

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Preethi is a well-known brand of Indian kitchen appliances. Preethi Trendy Plus 116 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop comes with several excellent features, making it one of India’s best induction cooktop without a doubt. The product features a simple one-touch interface. To withstand extreme heat it comes with a robust ceramic plate. Pre-set Indian menu options make Indian dishes such as Idli, Dosa, Gravy, Chapati, and so on very easy to prepare.

The cooktop comes with auto switch-off technology, which guarantees less power consumption than others.
Bypassing 84 percent of heat to the cookware, the cooktop minimizes the heat loss. High-quality electrical materials ensure long-lasting efficiency, without any problems.


  • High quality electrical equipment.
  • Lasting ceramic plate to withstand extreme heat.
  • You have Indian cooking options set beforehand.
  • Auto switch off feature.


  • Some users experience overheating when setting to a maximum output of 1600 watts.

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2. Prestige PIC 6.0 V3 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop with Touch Panel – Best Induction Cooktop

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At this stage, you might wonder again and again why prestige brand. In reality, Prestige understands the needs of Indian homemakers and brings excellent products to the market in line with that demand at attractive prices. So you see Reputation coming up again and again in India’s list of the best induction cooktops.

  • Indian menu Options for the fast preparation of Indian menus such as Chapatti, Idli, Dosa, etc.
  • A full computer control procedure avoids waste of energy and helps cook more efficiently.
  • Power Saver technology helps sustain low energy bills.
  • Dual heat sensors prevent overheating of food and help to save electricity.
  • Remote Voltage Regulator protects against stress fluctuations.

PIC 6.0 V3 2000-Watt Touch Panel Induction Cooktop is another excellent Prestige product that comes with some attractive features and reasonable price. Let’s look at the substantial features of this product.

Prestige brings Indian Menu Options to this product, taking into consideration Indian homemakers’ needs. In this case, the power and temperature are predetermined according to the requirements of different Indian menus such as Chapatti, Idli, Dosa, etc. That allows very fast preparation of authentic Indian recipes.

One of the product’s essential features is its full computer control procedure. It controls the power and temperature automatically, based on various cooking requirements. As a result, it avoids energy wastage, thus helping you cook more effectively.

A further essential aspect of the company is Power Saver technology. This technology continually checks the received power and controls the amount of heat depending on the size of the cooking pot. By properly combining these two things, it prevents energy wastage and helps keep your electricity bill low.

The Dual Heat Sensors are a unique feature of this drug. This induction cooker comes with two sensors for heat. As a result, the cooking pot temperature can be detected and the heat volume-controlled accordingly. That prevents the overheating of food and helps to save electricity.

We all love eating hot on our food. With this in mind, Prestige has added this induction cooktop with the Automatic Keep Warm feature. This unique feature lets you keep your food warm for a long time to come.

The voltage fluctuations problem isn’t new in India. Even today, from time to time, we are facing this problem which can ruin any electronic equipment. Prestige has added this induction cooktop with Automatic Voltage Regulator to protect it from this problem. This technology protects the device against damage caused by fluctuations in voltage, and ensures its durability.


  • Keep feature warm automatically.
  • Voltage regulator protects against fluctuating voltage.
  • Anti-magnetic wall guarantees no energy loss.
  • Comes with cutting-edge technology.


  • Uses more strength.
  • After auto keep warm, the timer feature does not start automatically.

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3. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop – Best Induction Cooktop

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Bajaj is a well-known Indian brand that has established itself in various sectors, from the automotive to finance sectors. As a kitchen appliance manufacturer, the brand is not far behind. Bajaj has won buyer confidence by providing many high-quality kitchen appliances at attractive prices. Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop is one of those items which is actually one of India’s best induction cooktops. Let’s see what important characteristics the company gives us.

  • 8 Pre-set menus reduce cooking troubles and help cook faster.
  • Auto Shut Off function prevents energy wastage and keeps bills for electricity low.
  • The elegant design reinforces the kitchen décor.
  • Can provide long term uninterrupted service.
  • A 1900 watt capacity can meet the needs of small to medium families.

The product’s most significant feature is its 8 Pre-Set Menus. These menus, respectively, include stew, soup, braise, boil, deep fry, fry, hotpot and stir fry. These pre-set menus considerably reduce your cooking trouble and help you cook faster. In this case, the induction power and temperature is preset. And you don’t have to spend any more time preparing settings for daily dishes. This can be done by simply pushing a button.

Auto Shut Off is a significant feature of the company. The speciality of this feature is that sensors are able to detect the cooking utensils. When the cooking pot is removed from the induction oven, the unit turns off in 1 minute. This avoids wasting of energy, and keeps bills for electricity low.

Now let’s talk about that induction oven’s Elegant Design. The product comes with black glass of High quality. The glass can withstand heavy loads. Without worries you can put heavy pots on it, and it won’t likely break. The elegant black glass also makes the product look more modern which will undoubtedly enhance your kitchen ‘s beauty.

The product comes with a capacity of 1900 watts which is a great combination of performance and efficiency that saves power. The power of 1900 watt can handle all cooking of small to medium families with ease. It also constrains power consumption at the same time.


  • Cooktop with Intelligent Induction.
  • Overall efficiency increases with the inclusion of various sensors.
  • Pre-set menu options to Indian.


  • Soft-touch buttons are useful but time is required to learn.

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4. Havells Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop – Best Induction Cooktop

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Hevells is an established Indian market brand which produces a variety of products from electrical equipment to kitchen appliances. Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction Cooctop is actually one of India’s best induction cooktops. Hevells designed the product especially with Indian cuisine in mind. Let us discuss briefly certain important product features.

  • 6 Different types of cooking such as Dosa, Curries, Boiling, Frying, etc. help to cook faster.
  • Convenient LED show makes the product more user friendly.
  • Auto Shut-Off feature switches off automatically when the appliance is unused for extended periods of time.
  • Auto Pan Detection can detect fitting cookware automatically.
  • Timer function allows you to set the time between 0 and 3 hours as needed.

The product includes six different cooking modes, such as dosa, curries, boiling, frying etc. All you need to do is choose your desired mode of cooking. Drop the rest into the kitchenette. This product ‘s unique intelligent technology will automatically adjust the power and temperature to suit the food items needs. It’ll help you cook quickly and efficiently.

A convenient feature of this induction cooktop is the LED display. The display displays various needed information such as selected time, temperature, menu, etc. Which makes this product very convenient for you to use.

Now let’s just talk about the product’s build quality. High quality material gives you the assurance of product durability. In addition, this cooktop is also aesthetically special, which will enhance your kitchen decor.

The product comes with feature Auto Shut-Off. This feature switches off automatically when the appliance is unused for extended periods. At the same time, the Auto Pan Detection function ensures that after removing the cookware from the induction cooking region, the unit automatically shuts off. It avoids waste of energy, and restricts the use of electricity.

Another handy feature of this induction cooktop is the Timer function as well. This feature allows you to set the cooking time between 0 and 3 hours, as needed. You can also do your other household chores during this time. After the time you specify the device will switch off automatically. So, there’s no chance of overcooking food in this situation.


  • Pre-set menu aid to cook quickly.
  • Soft-touch screen enhances the overall feel.
  • The function Auto Switch off saves energy.


  • The soft-touch panel is easy to use but you need some time to learn.

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5. Prestige PIC 15.0+ 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop – Best Induction Cooktop

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Prestige is such a popular Indian brand that you now find at least one Prestige brand product in nearly every Indian kitchen. You may speculate the brand ‘s success among Indian consumers from this.

  • An intelligent procedure for computer control reduces power consumption and helps to cook quickly.
  • The Feather Touch Control Panel makes the system easy to use.
  • Automatic voltage regulator protects the cooktop against fluctuations in voltage.
  • Cooking quicker is helped by multiple Indian menu options.
  • Holding Warm Work helps keep up to 4 hours of food dry.

A perfect example of Prestige ‘s excellent quality products is the PIC 15.0 + 1900-watt induction cooktop. This product comes with many advanced features and competitive prices, making it one of India’s best induction cooktops, without doubt. Let us take a look at some of this product’s important features.

First let’s talk about this product’s Intelligent Computer Control Procedure. The full machine control process changes the power and temperature automatically according to the specifications of the various recipes. It avoids energy wastage, reduces power consumption and lets you cook faster.

Feather Touch Control Panel comes with the kit. The hidden touch buttons are designed in such a way that there is no risk that water can penetrate, and in this case there is no likelihood of electric shock. This control panel is also user friendly. With only the slightest touch of your finger you can adjust the settings to match you.

Automatic voltage regulator is an essential feature of the drug. In India we regularly face problems of voltage fluctuations, particularly during the summer. That can ruin your induction cooktop altogether. To fix this issue, Prestige added an Automatic Voltage Regulator to this model. That protects the cooktop from damage caused by variations in voltage. There’s therefore no reason for you to worry about voltage fluctuations with this cooktop.

This induction cooktop is a notable feature of the Indian Menu Selection. The product comes with multiple Indian menu options like Idli, Dosa, Chapati, Curry etc. that help you cook with skill quickly. In this case, the menu of your choice is to be selected by pressing a button. The device will pay attention to time, power and temperature. And it’ll prepare the recipe of your choice in a short time.

Keep Warm Function is another significant feature of the drug. This feature lets you keep your food hot for up to 4 hours. And in this case, no need to think about the overcooked food. This feature added convenience to this cooktop.


  • New trendy style.
  • Superb results.
  • Protection against fluctuating voltages.
  • The Indian menu has pre-set timer.
  • User friendly


  • Uses more energy.
  • This induction cooktop is not ideal for all forms of cookware.

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6. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop – Best Induction Cooktop

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Pigeon is well known for making high-quality cooking appliances. By delivering quality goods at low prices, the brand has established itself in the Indian market. With modern features and attractive price, Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop is one of India’s best induction cooktops. Let’s take a peek at the product’s exciting features.

  • Dual heat sensor technology lets you cook more efficiently.
  • Auto Shut Off feature prevents needless energy wastage.
  • 7 LED Display segments to display all required settings information.
  • Preset Menus such as Cook Pressure, Sauce, Curry, Heat Milk, Deep Fry, etc.
  • High-quality materials protect you from injuries such as electric shocks.
  • Superior built quality guarantees a long duration of uninterrupted operation.

Let’s continue with the product’s dual heat sensor technology. The company will provide more productivity to you with the aid of this technology. That helps you to cook quicker and more efficiently.

Now let’s speak of the product ‘s Auto Switch Off feature. This feature shuts off the cooktop automatically when not in use. That makes the device more Power Efficient by avoiding unnecessary energy waste.

One of this induction cooktop’s handy features is its 7 Segments LED Light. It displays all the required settings information which makes the operation of this device very simple for you.

The Pre-Set Menus is another useful function of this company. This cooker comes with several pre-set menus such as cook pressing, sauce, curry, heat milk, deep fry, etc. Here the time and temperature are set in advance according to the recipe requirement. Now, you no longer have to waste time. Everything you need to do is pick which menu you need. In a moment, the cooktop will be preparing the recipe.

The cooktop comes with high quality materials to protect you against accidents such as electric shocks. It also improves the decor of your kitchen thanks to its superior build quality and can provide you with uninterrupted service for a long time.


  • Strong efficiency.
  • Save time , and money.
  • Simple to use, and easy to clean.
  • Good quality appliances.


  • Therefore, consumes more electricity and increases the bill for power.
  • No kitchen utensils of any sort are compatible with this cooktop.

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7. Philips viva Collection HD4938/01 2100 watt induction cooktop with sensor touch – Best Induction Cooktop

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Philips is internationally known as a maker of high-quality computer equipment. Because of the product’s consistency and fair price, millions of Indians have long trusted the brand. Philips viva Collection HD4938/01 2100 watt induction cooktop with sensor touch is a fantastic product that is undoubtedly one of the best cooktops for induction in India right now.

  • 10 Preset Indian menus for quick and trouble-free cooking.
  • The time setting feature lets you set the time as required from 0 to 3 hours.
  • Power 2100 Watt enables you to prepare food extremely quickly.
  • Premium Quality Glass Panel adds to the product’s elegance.
  • Touch Control Panel allows for the smooth operation of the drug.

The cooktop is very user friendly. No installation is required in this case, and you don’t need any prior induction cooking experience. You can plug it easily into the electric socket and start cooking. Now let’s talk briefly about some of the product’s significant features.

The product’s most convenient feature is its Ten Preset Menus for various Indian Recipes. In this case, the time and temperature shall be set in advance in accordance with the specific recipe specifications. All you have to do is choose from the menu items the Indian recipe of your choosing, and press the start button. The cooktop will prepare your favorite recipe easily, without any hassle.

A further useful feature of the product is the time setting function. This feature allows you to set the cooking time between 0 and 3 hours, depending on your needs. The cooctop must shut down automatically after this point. That will prevent excessive food cooking as well as avoid electricity wastage.

Now let’s explore the product’s 2100 Watt Power. This induction cooktop comes with an output of 2100 watts so it can cook very quickly. You can use it for a long time without any problem, as well. This induction cooktop, therefore, fits a big family.

The product comes with the fantastic looking Premium Quality Glass Panel and cleaning is effortless. It can also withstand significant loads. So, you can put on it big pots without worries. In addition, the Touch Control Panel brings a luxurious feel to the product, which will certainly improve its aesthetics.


  • Efficiency High
  • User friendly
  • Friendly custom controls
  • Ten Timer Pre-set


  • Uses more energy.
  • You have to use utensils flat at the edges.

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8. Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push Button – Best Induction Cooktop

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Prestige is a renowned Indian brand for manufacturing premium cooking appliances. The brand is now so famous that in almost every Indian kitchen you will find at least one Prestige made product. And it’s no wonder the brand is still at the top of the list when it comes to the best induction cooktops in India.

  • Comes ready with Indian Menu Option such as idli, dosa, chapati, curry etc.
  • Anti-Magnetic Wall prevents energy-waste.
  • The automatic voltage regulator protects against fluctuations in tension.
  • The intelligent machine control method controls the power and temperature automatically according to cooking needs.
  • Power Saver Technology helps keep your power bill low.
  • Auto Switch-Off feature avoids power wastage.

Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push Button is a great product, with excellent features and attractive price. Let’s find out some of the product’s notable features.

One of the product’s conveniences is its Indian Menu Option. This cooktop comes ready with menu choices for Indians. As a result, with just a touch of a button, you can easily make Indian food like idli, dosa, chapati, curry …

Anti-Magnetic Wall comes along with the drug. This only makes warming of the middle of the black glass panel and leaves the rest of the panel cold. As a result, it avoids energy wastage, helps to keep power consumption down and provides protection against incidents including hand burns.

Another handy feature of this product is Automatic Voltage Regulator You know voltage fluctuations in various parts of India are a recurring problem. It can cause serious damage to any electrical appliance.

Prestige has installed an Inbuilt Voltage Regulator to protect the cooktop induction against tension fluctuations. As a consequence, the component is shielded from harm caused by changes in voltage, and its lifespan is extended.

The Intelligent Computer Control procedure is an essential feature of the company. Using this feature the cooktop can control the power and temperature automatically according to different cooking needs. That way you can eat more efficiently.

The product comes with unique Power Saver technology, capable of tracking the cookware temperature and regulating the appropriate power level. So, it helps keep your power bill down by eliminating needless energy wastage.

Additionally, the Auto Switch-Off function ensures that the switch is automatically shut off when the cooktop is unused for extended periods. It also helps in avoiding electricity wastage.


  • User-friendly
  • Elegant design
  • Efficient energy;
  • Speedier cooking compared to LPG


  • It is a cooktop with induction of 1200 watts and not as powerful compared to other powerful cooktops with induction.
  • The supplied wire is short, diminishing its flexibility.

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9. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop – Best Induction Cooktop

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Philips is Indian electronics market leader brand. The mark has long been providing Indian consumers with excellent quality products at reasonable prices. With some great features and competitive price, Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop is one of India’s best induction cooktops.

  • Electromagnetic induction technology guarantees high efficiency in heating.
  • The Time Setting function lets you set the time between 0 and 3 hours.
  • 6 Preset Indian Quick Cooking Menus.
  • Comfortable Touch Control Panel.
  • The 2100 watt capacity allows you to cook extremely quickly.

No installation is necessary on the product. Once you plug it into an electric socket, it is ready to use. Now let’s think about the product’s notable features.

The product ‘s advanced electromagnetic induction technology ensures a high heating efficiency. As a result, it helps to cook very easily, saving time and money. The technology not only preserves nutrients in food at the same time, and prevents vitamin loss.

Time Setting function is a convenient feature of the product. It lets you set the time between 0 and 3 hours. Once you set the time the induction will stop automatically. So, there’s no chance of burning the food in this situation.

The formula is designed specifically for Indian cooking. It comes with 6 Preset Cooking Menus where the temperature according to the cooking requirement is set in advance. And you don’t have to lose time to temperature change.

Another convenient feature of the product is the touch-control panel. Usage is straightforward. With just the click of a finger you can easily adjust the settings that you need.

The product comes with an output of 2100 watts which helps you to cook very quickly. With this induction cooker you can cook all sorts of stuff really easily for a big family.

It goes without saying that cooking in this way requires no fire, does not burn fuel gas, does not release any toxic gasses into the environment. And cooking by induction is good for the climate.


  • Quite successful.
  • Ideal to indigenous cuisine.
  • Touch control panel is user friendly.
  • Simple cooking


  • Control panel is easy but it takes you some time to know.
  • Consumes power and thus the energy bill will increase.

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What is the Best Induction Cooktop?

Unlike traditional gas ovens, an induction cooktop can heat food using electromagnetic waves. Cooking is done in this special system without the use of any flame. This advanced technology uses electromagnetic fields to heat the pot but does not heat the surface of the pot itself. And the kitchen atmosphere doesn’t even get wet.

Why do you need the Best Induction Cooktop?

  • Quick Cooking-Cooktops with induction require much less time to cook than a gas oven. You can cook a lot faster then.
  • Save time-Cooktops with induction will cook food really quickly. Therefore, the amount of time you spend in the kitchen is reduced. So you have plenty of time to do something else.
  • Safe– An induction cooker uses electromagnetic waves to cook food. Because the fires are not used to cook, there is no risk of such an incident as fire. Also, unlike traditional gas furnaces, you need not worry about gas leakage.
  • User friendly-Cooktops with induction are generally small in size, take up less space in the kitchen, are lightweight, portable, and easy to use.
  • Eco-friendly– The cooktop induction does not heat the kitchen area, it does not radiate heat to the atmosphere and it does not emit any harmful gasses. So, the environment is good.
  • Easy maintenance– Cooktops with induction are small and have a smooth surface. So washing is effortless.
  • Affordable– There are low priced induction cooktops. And if you cook cooktop by induction, then the cost of cooking would also be lower. So, it can be used by citizens of almost every economic class.

Best Induction Cooktop in India – buying guide and tips

Now, cooktop induction has become very popular in India, and their popularity is rising every day.

In the last few days, there are numerous explanations for its success. Unlike traditional gas stoves, it is designed using the latest state-of-the-art technology that ensures health, saves time and energy. As a result, this newest technology decreases the amount of cooking time and offers improved safety features that protect you from burns and accidents in the kitchen. In addition, most of the cooktop induction is very lightweight and compact, so that you can move them very quickly.

There are some important items you should learn before purchasing the best induction cooktop. Let’s debate them briefly.

  1. Size and Cooking Zone Number
    The first thing you should consider when purchasing an introduction cooking unit is size. Pick the size that suits your needs. If you want to use larger utensils, go to a large cooking area for a cooktop. The single-component induction cooktop is popular in India. It’s compact, and easy to carry. In India, the cooktop for the induction of multi-elements is not available. It is large in size, less portable, consumes more power, and is comparatively expensive. A suitable multi-element induction cooking machine is hard to find in India.
  1. Turn off automatic
    It is a common feature of all popular induction cooking units available. It does not overheat.
    If the cooktop is unused for an extended period of time, the function will automatically turn off.
  1. Breadcrumb identification
    Automatic pan detection is also a standard feature found in any common cooktop induction. The function detects automatically if a pan is in the heating region.
    If you put some incompatible pan or remove a cooking pan from the cooking zone, the feature will detect the automatically and shut down the operations. Once you bring the pan back, it starts all over again.
  1. Touch Check
    Most of the cooking top Induction comes with a touch control panel instead of the control knobs.
    The touch control panel is safe, user-friendly, and simple to work.

Best Induction Cooktop Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does an Introduction cooktop work?

The technology is relatively simple and easy to use in the Induction Oven. The system is more effective and is less costly. In addition, an introduction cooktop is free, saves a lot of energy and is user friendly. Provide you therefore with a great cooking experience at a lower price.
You can watch the following video which explains how a cooktop introduction works. Now you’ll get a better understanding of the equipment that was used behind the induction oven.

2. What type of utensils do we need for Induction cooking?

A cooktop for induction operates on the theory of electromagnetic induction and can only operate on utensils made of either steel or iron. So, copper or aluminum appliances are not compatible with cooking induction.
In addition, the tool bottom has to be flat to occupy the cooktop ‘s entire flat cooking zone.

3. What is the drawback of Induction cooktop?

You can not use copper or aluminium utensils. The induction cooking systems will only operate with either steel or Iron appliances. In addition, you need flat-bottom utensils that can fill the cooktop ‘s entire cooking region.

4. How much power does it consume?

A portable induction cooktop typically absorbs an average output of 1600 watts to 2200 watts.

5. Is induction cooking safe for health?

Cooking unit Induction uses electromagnetic fields to cook food. Several worldwide studies have been conducted which found that induction cooking is absolutely safe for safety.

6. What is the advantage of Induction cooktop?

Compared to a gas oven, induction cooking is quicker. Using it is energy efficient, and healthy. A cooktop for induction is also compact, and very easy to maintain.

Best Induction Cooktop brands in India

Prestige-Founded in 1996, this brand. This company is renowned for the manufacture of households and kitchen appliances and is well known. Prestige is a well-established Indian-market brand that millions of users trust.

Philips – It is a world-renowned brand that was founded in 1891. This company is engaged in the manufacture of gadgets for electronics, home appliances, lighting, and medical equipment. It’s a common brand that millions of Indians widely embrace and trust.

Hevells-In 1958, the brand was founded. It is a well-known and respected mark on the Indian market for electrical equipment. The company has a wide variety of electrical goods, home and kitchen appliances, etc.

Pigeon – Founded in 1978, this company is well known for making home appliances. Pigeon manufacturers of all sorts of home appliances such as a cooktop for induction, refrigerator, mixture grinder, etc. The brand has established itself for quality products and less price in the Indian market.

Bajaj – Founded in 1926, the brand is involved in various industries such as automobiles, finance, iron and steel, home appliances, and so on. Bajaj is an Indian brand that millions of Indian consumers trust.

Usha – This brand is also a well-known brand for making electrical appliances, home appliances, and kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Pune

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Best Pressure Cooker in India

1. Pigeon by Stovekraft Pressure Cooker – Best Pressure Cooker

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This cooker is designed with a hard-anodized body and a stainless steel lid which makes any kitchen perfect. It is handi-shaped and designed specifically for traditional Indian cuisine.

This pressure cooker is metal spoon friendly to ensure that your product looks new it comes with features such as scratch resistant, stain resistant and resistant to sticking. It has an induction base and can work on any kind of source of heat.

Warranty: Product has 5 years


  • It features an integrated indicator of safety in the form of pressure indicators, safety plug, and controlled gasket release system
  • It suits every sort of heat source
  • Last handles


  • No

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2. Hawkins Contura Hard Anodised Aluminium Pressure Cooker – Best Pressure Cooker

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If you are looking for a pressure cooker that uses less water to prepare your meal, then Hawkins contura hard anodized aluminum pressure cooker is the best option by preserving the nutritional value of the food.

This cooker has a wide opening and is designed with a curved body that makes it easy to move, comes with black hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel in the food grade.

The strong, 60 micron black finish makes the pressure cooker absorb heat faster by making it more energy-efficient.

Warranty: This cooker comes with warranty of 5 years


  • It can easily serve 3 to 4 people, as it has a capacity of 3liters
  • This uses less water to cook meals while maintaining food’s nutritional value
  • Compatible with gas cooker


  • Induction cook tops are not compatible

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3. Prestige Deluxe plus Hard Anodized Outer Lid Pressure Cooker – Hard Anodized Best Pressure Cooker

[amazon box=”B00EICFZ2E” template=”horizontal”]

TKK prestige is a well-known Indian manufacturer that specializes under the brand name of prestige in kitchen appliances such as pressure cookers, non-stick cookware etc ..

Prestige Deluxe plus hard Anodized outer lid pressure cooker built with a flat base and comes with induction base, making it simple to use on ovens, induction cook tops as well as gas cookers.

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The anodizing quality makes it scratch-proof, stain-resistant, and proof of sticking. This helps to cook evenly because the cooker comes with a thick base and also helps to maintain the nutritional value of food products.


Precision Value for Weight:

It is the safety feature that removes the pressure above 1 kg / cm2, to save you time and make you cook healthy.

Controlled System for gasket release:

When there is some blockage to the vent tube, CGRS will expel the steam from the cooktop. This is the safety feature of the 2nd level provided in a prestigious pressure cooker.

Double Strong Screw handles:

The handles are designed to allow for easy use of the cooker. The sturdy handles for flame guards ensure extra grip and make your use comfortable and durable.

Pressure Note:

Making the cooker easy to use the visual pressure level indicator helps to show the appropriate time for opening the cooker lid.


It has supplier warranty for 5 years.


  • It has a capacity of 3 liters and can hold up to 3 to 4 people.
  • Pressure indicator which makes cooker suitable for use
  • This cooker comes with induction base that can operate on any source of heat.


  • Rice often sticks to the aluminum bowl ‘s bottom

[amazon fields=”B00EICFZ2E” value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

4. Pristine Induction stainless steel cooker – Best Pressure Cooker

[amazon box=”B00VRRXQN8″ template=”horizontal”]

Finally, we have stainless steel cooker Flawless induction cookware. This is one of the most inexpensive and the most compact pressure cooker on the list.

While not known to many, Pristine ‘s goods compensate for its success for its popularity. This pressure cooker comes with the design of an apple cut that distributes the heat from the edge. While it helps keep your food hot after cooking for a long time.

Some Other Products:

Paddle Mixer Manufacturer in India

Made of highly durable stainless steel, a sandwich-based Induction Bottom is also given. All the materials used in it help to improve heat conduction and will help to cook the food more quickly. This is ideal for use on a cooktop with induction as well as on standard gas stoves.

There is no side handle, and only the closure handles can handle the cooker. Be vigilant when holding and handling it at all times, as its capacity is only 2 liters, you will cook food for an average of 2-3 persons.

The cooker is tiny and very quick to clean. Although the product does not have an ISI label, Pristine gives you a decent 2-year manufacturer’s warranty which makes this small cooker a buy for people looking for an immediate solution.


  • Low and elegant
  • Project for even heat distribution
  • Quick to tidy
  • Locking clean
  • 2 Year Quality Assurance Warranty


  • Is not accredited according to ISI
  • Does not have flank handles

[amazon fields=”B00VRRXQN8″ value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

5. Butterfly stainless steel Pressure Cooker – Best Pressure Cooker

[amazon box=”B005LFYE2Y” template=”horizontal”]

As with Prestige, Butterfly is also a well-established brand when it comes to home appliances and its flagship model is the Butterfly Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker.

Butterfly pressure cookers are popular for their elegant design and efficiency, going through several iterations and changes over time.

You will be able to cook food for about 4-7 people with a capacity of 5 liters, thus making it ideal for large families. Butterfly has a 3-liter option as well for the same cooker model.

The cooker ‘s construction is unparalleled, compatible to work on both induction cooktops and standard stoves too. The base is like a very thick capsule that helps withstand high heat and prevents food burning.

Thanks to its very thick and bold foundation this pressure cooker is fast in service. This foundation is non-stick from inside, and therefore does not promote burning as such.

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It also features a different uni-lock mechanism. Lock once the fear of not opening the cooker by mistake or owing to excessive pressure.

The gasket vent comes with a safety valve to relieve undue pressure if, due to blockage, the main pressure valve fails to operate at the time thus ensuring greater protection.

The cooker is easy to clean and is peel proof and cooktop compatible with induction. A 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for the cooker is offered to you.


  • Gasket release system which also serves as a protection feature
  • Strong reliability for longer service life
  • Clean and quick to treat
  • Aesthetic style for successful conduction of heat
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • ISO accredited to guarantee both consistency and protection


  • Often the whistle can not give the buzzing sound to show the level of safety at the strain.

[amazon fields=”B005LFYE2Y” value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

6. Elgi Ultra Stainless Steel Diet Cooker – Best Pressure Cooker

[amazon box=”B07KXVNTWQ” template=”horizontal”]

Elgi Ultra is a cooker made of stainless steel that can look like any other ordinary cooker, but with its induction base it differs from others.

This base allows the cooker to heat up faster by collecting more heat from the stove and thus helps to reduce fuel consumption.

The AISI 304 Stainless Steel material also has bakelite handles that are heat resistant. They, in turn, have twin screws that give them a longer life.

In addition , as stated, the cooker ‘s base is induction in nature and is made from a high impact bonded base. This ensures the cooker doesn’t charr / burn and doesn’t stick food to the bottom and makes it that easy to clean your work.

Besides the uniform cooking property that is anti-charing, the bonded base also helps in super-fast operation. The container ensures the food cooked inside stays warm for up to 2 hours for a very long time.

The starch stainer that comes with the cooker helps extract starch from the rice, quinoa or millet, or anything you cook by boiling. Removal of starch from your rice will help to may every meal by as much as 30 calories.

Overall satin finish, this non-stick and high-performance pressure cooker comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on any manufacturing defects during the warranty period. Remember the starch stainer is not protected by this warranty.


  • Comes in 5.5 and 3 litre
  • Built from high quality material AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Heat-resistant twin-screw bakelite manages longer life
  • Bonded foundation with anti charing
  • Holds food warm for more than 2 hours
  • Starch strainer to stabilize starch
  • 10 Years Fabricant Warranty


  • Precautions should be taken when it is being washed because this may lead to scratches.

[amazon fields=”B07KXVNTWQ” value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

7. Hawkins Multipurpose Pressure Cooker – Best Pressure Cooker

[amazon box=”B00EVR7HH2″ template=”horizontal”]

Hawkins has served middle class Indian cookers of premium quality since 1959. The Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker that comes in capacity of (2,3,4,5,6,8 & 10) litres.

This cooker has been tested and certified for its reliability and protection by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., the US. (Title No. SA5984).

The Hawkins Pressure-Locked Safety comes with a special safety feature to lock into the door. The Hawkins remain locked, unlike normal pressure cookers which burst open when there is too much pressure inside. This ensures greater protection during use.

In addition to operating on a traditional gas stove, this steel pressure cooker is designed to work on induction, electronic, ceramic and even halogen cooktops. The cooker is made of 100 per cent Food-Grade stainless steel with an extra thick base of 5.8 mm.

The base can stay flat, still, and not offer hot spots like most cookers in isolated regions. Therefore you should expect uniformly cooked and heated dishes faster than ever before. No bulging, no separation. The curved base makes it suitable not only for cooking under pressure but also for stirring and frying too.

Typical pressure cookers have a rubber gasket that has to be replaced each time. The Hawkins comes with a longer lasting gasket contained inside the cooker. The durability is due to the fact that when the cooker is opened and closed it does not always get rubbed. It also has no space to react to any cooked acidic fruit / vegetables in the vessel.

In the cooker, you have an automatic safety valve which deflects the stream gushing down from the cooker. Cooking safely and with music. The handles are ergonomic and are comfortable even at high temperatures when the cooker is heated.

In addition to the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty, the cooker also comes with a cookbook. A comprehensive instruction book that will help you get the most out of your pressure cooker. This includes also a range of recipes tested for you to play with.


  • Within locking feature to improve safety
  • Rubber gaskets have a long existence
  • External Access Valves
  • Visually Pleasing Style
  • Flat floor, so no hot spots to cook unevenly
  • Book on Free Recipes
  • 5 Years warranty to manufacturer.


  • Under the Gasket, made the opening area slightly less sharp to avoid accidental cuts.

[amazon fields=”B00EVR7HH2″ value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

8. Prestige Deluxe Stainless Pressure Cooker -Best Pressure Cooker

[amazon box=”B00QWPYRXI” template=”horizontal”]

Since its debut in 1955, Reputation has been associated with Indian cookers and since then, there has been no looking back. The body of this cooker is made of high grade stainless steel, available in 5.5 liter and 3 liter versions.

The prestige deluxe has a safety device of 3 tiers, consisting of a

Weighted valve: – which does not go off because of the cooker ‘s small pressures), Controlled Gasket Release:- For gradual release so the cooker does not burst open.

Metallic Safety Plug:- This means the steam pressure boiling inside the cooker remains inside the cooker and does not come out of it.

Since the alpha base is made of aluminum alloy, it improves heat conductivity and is stronger than pure stainless steel with lower heat conductivity properties.

Insulated handles on the sides make their holding convenient. It also features the simple locking mechanism to quickly open the door.

Since this cooker has a capacity of 5.5 liters, you can easily cook for 5-8 people and serve food. The lower 3 liter version is suitable for families approximately 3-4 in size.

Cleaning it is also easy as it is also dishwasher safe and it does not develop any stains. And you need not put in any extra effort to hold it.

The best part is not only that this cooker has a great performance but it also gives you a 10 year warranty from the maker.


  • Strong endurance and resilience
  • 3 Niveau monitoring framework
  • Pure stainless steel with concrete frame in aluminium
  • Simple to lock mechanism
  • Suitable for Induction as well as LPG gas stove
  • Corrosion resistant;
  • ISI standard mark and health mark
  • Ten Year Garantie


  • Heavy enough to keep it

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Frequently Asked Questions – Best Pressure Cooker

1. What is the difference between Natural Release, Quick Release and Cold-Water Release?

These are the three types of pressure release techniques used to cook various types of food.
Natural Release: Recommended for frothy foods , high-liquid foods, large pieces of meat and all other foods which can be overcooked without any problem. You abandon the cooker and the heat is going to drop on its own.
Fast release: Used for food products with as short cooking time as possible. This includes soft vegetables, fish, with vegetables added halfway through cooking. If the cooking is done you push and pull the steam release lever.
Cold Water Release: The quickest way of cooking a stovetop pressure cooker. Place the cooker under a tap, run the water over the top, on both sides. Never put the valve underwater.

2. What are the don’ts while using a pressure cooker?

There are several things that are extremely prohibited and you have to inquire about the same or read in the instruction manual. Another is when you open the cooker ‘s lid after the cooking has been finished, open it in the opposite direction. Following all the instructions listed in the manual, you will find it easier to get accustomed to a fast pressure cooker.

3. Is it safe to cook in an Aluminum Pressure cooker?

Aluminum isn’t as dangerous as lead but neither is it healthy for you. Aluminum is susceptible to acidic food products such as tomato, lemon, and tamarind, which are used extensively in Indian cooking. If you’re sure you ‘re not going to cook something bad then you’re going to have an aluminum cooker, if not sure, stop buying it first.

4. Is health factor a concern while cooking in a pressure cooker?

Yes, water can contribute to the loss of some of the nutrients, which is used to cook the ingredients inside the cooker. The other element is the acid reaction which plays a major role in messing up with the food’s nutrients. Therefore, you need to find a material that is not sensitive to acids, and also the material that is a high heat conductor to ensure that nutrients are held. In this case, the anodized pressure cooker has all the merits one would try when buying the product

5. Does the lid of the cooker play a role in the safety of the cooker and which one better?

Yeah, since the cooker ‘s mechanism is pressure cooking and thus the lid must be tight to prevent loose lid complications for sure. As far as the mechanism is concerned, the inside-lid cooker types are highly effective and we recommend them over the outer-lid cooker types.

6. Can I cook small amount of food with a big pressure cooker?

Both the small-sized cookers and the large-sized cookers use a similar time period. So, that depends entirely on your interest. You may want to buy a larger cooker and yet cook smaller portions. Smaller models, however, are easier to use and thus will cost less. Take the scale according to your interests.

7. Are there any other types of pressure cookers than the regular ones which work on the stove?

Yeah, there are two types of pressure cookers commonly available on the market. The first is the stovetop pressure cookers that we spoke about in the blog and the other is the electric cooker. The stovetop pressure cooker is highly preferable, however, because you can cook several kinds of things in it, in comparison to the other cooker, i.e. the electric cooker, which people use mostly for cooking rice. But they both have distinct roles.

8. What are the best pressure cooker brands in India?

Prestige, Pigeon, Hawkins and Bajaj are the 4 brands which are most common in India. They all have insurance and provide repayments at their service centres. You should go for Butterflies or iBell in addition to these.

Why would you want to buy a Best Pressure Cooker?

You know that without a pressure cooker you can cook food of any kind so why would you like to buy a pressure cooker?

Well, the pressure cooker first came onto the market in the 17th century and has been on the market without ever losing its influence ever since. Why are so many people fascinated with a pressure cooker?

Here are the advantages-

They cook faster
That is the key reason you ‘d like to invest in a pressure cooker. It’s swifter than any other form of cooking. Although cooking a pot of soaked grains takes 30 to 50 minutes, a pressure cooker does the same job in under 10 minutes.

Adds importance to diet

Pressure cooker involves a method of cooking which is closed and fast. The lids stay closed, thinking about the process of cooking. Both pots and pans that take longer to cook evaporate the food moisture and the nutrients lose their value. Although a closed lid pressure cooker traps all the moisture in and also retains the food products nutrients and vitamins.

No gossip
Pressure cookers are generally very easy to clean, since they cook when closed, removing all the splatters, spills, and crumbs that would leave a regular pan on the surface of the burner.

No taste loss

The pressure cooker uses the pot liquids and it remains in, which in any case does not cause any of the products to evaporate or take away the flavour. Your food will taste better on the nose, because the food’s tastes remain together with the vitamins.

Secure to wear
If you are afraid of high-pressure cooker busting then rest assured as it has become an old story now. Manufacturers are introducing more and more safety features to the pressure cookers with newer technologies and developments. This makes them also the safest choice to cook your favorite dishes, absolutely free.

Tips on Using a Best Pressure Cooker

Looking at a pressure cooker you can feel overwhelming and at the same time difficult, but you can learn how to use a pressure cooker with a few measures. Here are steps below

  • Read the Pressure Cooker manual very carefully first and foremost. Even if you feel like the job for your boy, don’t skip measures.
  • Always make sure everything is in order before placing the ingredients into the cooker. Check the lids, and make sure they are in place and clean. Make sure the rubber gasket is flexible; or else substitute it with ASAP.
  • Connect ingredients to the cooking pot. Not more than two-thirds fill in. Fill half of that for food that froths e.g. beans or grains.
  • Lock your lid in place. Place the pressure release valve in a closed position and double-secure it.
  • Put the cooker on the oven. When it reaches a high temperature, the heat is reduced, or the food can become overcooked.
  • Without overcooking, release the pressure and then open the door.
  • Open the cover in the opposite direction to avoid the steam entering your face directly.


Wrapping up this, Prestige Deluxe Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is our best choice from the list above. The long-lasting durability, quality reliability, health, good design, and the warranty duration most importantly.

All of these traits make it the best choice. What’s your favorite culinary style and why? Please let us know in the comments below.

best food processor in india

Best Food Processor In India: Buyer Guide & Reviews

Best Food Processor In India

best food processor in india
best food processor in india

You’re going to buy the Best food processor, and this is the best place to go. Here we’ll list the top 8 best food processor in India along with their buyer’s guide.

A food processor is a kitchen gadget that allows you slicing, grinding, mixing and juicing. With it, food preparation is simpler as well as quicker. It saves your time in chopping & cutting and also serves the role of grinder and juicer.

In other words, the food processor should handle much of the pre-meal preparations. It will help you with routine activities, too. In this post, we will discuss all the factors that should be considered before buying a food processor. And we’ll also send a list of the 8 best food processors in India.

These are The 8 Best Food Processor in India 2020

[amazon bestseller=”food processor” items=”8″ template=”table”]

Best Food Processor in India

1. Inalsa Maxie Premia 800-Watt Food Processor – Best Food Processor

[amazon box=”B01F0U7MFU” template=”horizontal”]

Here you have one more stable product from the Inalsa food processor. The only difference between this drug and the ones discussed above is the engine capacity.

This food processor comes with an 800-watt engine which makes it a powerful appliance. Even the appliance is an elegant-looking one with a sleek style. Let us look at some of that food processor’s defining features.

  • The highlight of this food processor is the break-resistant, transparent jar.
  • Kneading the dough for your atta isn’t a challenge anymore.
  • It is also possible to grind your spices to make chutneys, as this appliance has an external dry grinder jar attachment.
  • This processor comes with various blades including chopper blades, kneading blades, mincing blades, grating blades, etc.
  • Ideal for preparing fresh fruit and vegetable juices, the centrifugal juicer. The citrus juicer is great for caring for citrus fruits such as sweet lime, bananas, grapefruit, etc.


  • The 800-watt motor is a powerful one which can operate at a pace for 30 minutes.
  • The number of attachments that are available with this processor is unmatched.
  • This food processor’s kneading system is the best that’s on the market.


  • Customers complained about the faulty drive belt.
  • Makes quite a lot of noise

[amazon fields=”B01F0U7MFU” value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

2. Inalsa Craze Dx 700-Watt Food Processor – Best Food Processor

[amazon box=”B077TPN4S2″ template=”horizontal”]

Inalsa is a favourite with many households because it produces some of the business’s most powerful and economical food processors. Performance wise, it and the rest are right up there.

You get a lot of useful attachments to help you do just about any tedious job in the kitchen. This food processor does the task of bringing together all of the appliances.

  • This food processor allows for the preparation of a variety of recipes.
  • The pulse and 3-speed settings ensure you have maximum control.
  • The longer feeding tube means you don’t have to cut the fruits and vegetables before putting them into the appliance. It also stops you from having injuries that are untoward.
  • Whipping, whisking, and emulsifying the eggs with this processor is a simple task.
  • A powerful 700-watt engine.
  • It is no longer a difficult task to knead the dough for making atta for chapattis.
  • The 3 high-quality multi-purpose glasses. They are clear and immune to breakage.
  • The unique locking system prevents the appliance from starting in case the components are not assembled in the correct way.
  • The centrifugal juicer is good for harvesting fresh fruit and vegetable juice.


  • Good quality fittings make it a handy food processor
  • An incredibly healthy food processor which can be used
  • Powerful but cost effective all the way


  • Jars aren’t free from BPA
  • This food processor has very sensitive plastic parts which can break down

[amazon fields=”B077TPN4S2″ value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

3. Philips Daily Collection HR7629/90 650-Watt Mini Food Processor – Best Food Processor

[amazon box=”B00FMNHCJ2″ template=”horizontal”]

In certain ways the Philips Food Processor is a lightweight one. Using it for a range of kitchen jobs including cutting, mincing, boiling, boiling, spinning, juicing, slicing, etc.

This food processor has a wider feeding tube, relative to other similar items in its niche. Let us take a look at this food processor’s other admirable features.

  • For the Indian kitchen, the 2-speed settings and pulse system for whipping cream and beating eggs is ideal.
  • The bigger feeding tube saves fruits and vegetables pre-cutting time.
  • Using the emulsifying device to increase the consistency and fluffiness of the egg whites and milk.
  • The 650-watt engine is also a powerful and economical one.
  • The food processor comes with a citrus press setting to prepare fresh juice
  • The 2.1-liter bowl helps you to combine up to 5 portions in one attempt.
  • The Power Chop technology ensures excellent work, as it provides a superior cutting and mining experience for vegetables and fruits
  • The absence of the inner shaft guarantees no mess when using this food processor.
  • S-blade solid inoxidable steel is ideal for chopping vegetables.
  • Take the best slicing and shredding experience with the reversible stainless steel disc.
  • Each accessory is safe to use in a dishwasher.


  • The Power Chop system is great because it offers good working efficiency.
  • The name Philips should evoke a sense of contentment
  • This is an all-round strong food processor.
  • The lightweight unit.


  • It’s good to make juices but using this food processor, you don’t get healthy smoothies.
  • It has no major grinding connection, much as other food processors do.

[amazon fields=”B00FMNHCJ2″ value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

4. Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600-Watt Food Processor – Best Food Processor

[amazon box=”B009P2L0N0″ template=”horizontal”]

Bajaj has a reputation for effective delivery. So it is no surprise that while manufacturing this food processor they continue the trend. This is a convenient tool capable of performing several tasks as it helps with the time-consuming and boring work.

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Flash Dryer Manufacturer in India

Not only does it make cooking more enjoyable than ever but it also ensures that the food maintains its high taste quality. Here are some of the main characteristics of this food processor.

  • The configuration of 3 velocities has a pulse function for the momentary operation.
  • Edelstahl and polycarbonate jars are made of high-grade food material
  • This food processor is a multifunctional appliance that can quickly cut, slice, shred, and grind your vegetables and other food products.
  • Now it is a simple job to whip creams for cakes and pastries and to prepare delicious purées.
  • This appliance comes with a small jar attachment to make chutneys, an Indian favorite.
  • The 600-watt engine is a powerful one as it works effectively. The protection against motor overload is a precautionary scheme.
  • The interlocking device helps prevent unintended injury.
  • The robust body allows for a classic build.


  • Excellent for producing fruit and vegetable juices as well
  • One of the best devices to knead atta for your chapattis
  • Rapid service thereby saving a lot of time


  • Brings out noise
  • Plastic parts may break

[amazon fields=”B009P2L0N0″ value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

5. Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor – Best Food Processor

[amazon box=”B00N1RL7L0″ template=”horizontal”]

Up until now we’ve seen four mechanized food processors. Now let us look at the manual food processor that is able to do the job properly. A two gear system comes with the manual food processor, one for power and the other for speed.

The sharp blades ensure vegetables are cut and chopped easily. It comes with a system for whipping to mix the dough and beat the eggs.

  • The good architecture provides an outstanding experience. Using this manual food processor the chopping of meat and vegetables is simple.
  • It’s also quick to knead the dough and make the batter for pastries.
  • A novel one is the dual velocity manual food processor. The first gear chops the food into more substantial chunks while the second stage ensures the food is properly chopped and minced.
  • Use various blades to chop, grind, mince and knead.
  • It is also an easy job to break the ice using this manual food processor
  • This gadget comes with a special whipping for egg mixing and beating, yogurt making, and cream making.


  • Does not use energy, as it is a food processor manually
  • Dual-speed system for greater performance
  • User friendly
  • Move link so as to prevent food spillage


  • Small rates of productivity due to hand operation
  • Not suitable for extremely fine vegetable chopping, particularly to make halwa

[amazon fields=”B00N1RL7L0″ value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

6. Philips Food Processor HL 1661 – Best Food Processor

[amazon box=”B01N9Z2TST” template=”horizontal”]

This Philips food processor is a compact machine that can replace the mixer, the juicer and the wet grinding machine. Today this multipurpose gadget is an integral component of nearly every kitchen in India.

  • Because of its compact nature this appliance is simple to assemble.
  • The tiny container is great for chutney production. The blender is the best for the preparation of lip-smacking milkshakes and smoothies.
  • This food processor features sharp stainless steel blades to make slicing and shredding vegetables simple and to make the perfect salads and toppings.
  • The mixing-grinding container for grinding masalas, chutneys and other edible pastes is the perfect one.
  • This unit comes with a juicer system to juic hard and soft fruits. The juicer is powerful enough to accommodate, besides oranges and tomatoes, carrots and apples.
  • Due to the sharp chopping blades, chopping onions and other vegetables get simple.


  • Performance impeccable and looks exquisite
  • Ideal cooking partner for your houseworker
  • Powerful engine ensuring optimum performance
  • Operational controls easy to use
  • Compact nature which is not only safe but also smaller in space


  • Rates are on the higher side
  • The situation with the juicer should have been easier.

[amazon fields=”B01N9Z2TST” value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

7. Inalsa Inox 1000-Watt Food Processor – Best Food Processor

[amazon box=”B079YQJJ18″ template=”horizontal”]

Inalsa Inox will improve the cooking experience, as it manufactures some of the business’ best food processors. The 1000-watt food processor is a versatile one which can manage all activities to help you cook the most delicious dishes for your loved ones.

Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturer in India

A colossal 2.4-liter tub. You have 3 more dry and wet grinding bowls. The centrifugal juicer is also excellent for the preparation of citrus juices.

  • The speed control knob helps you to control speed while cooking your favorite dishes and maintain consistency. The 3-speed rotary switch lets you adjust the speed to match your needs.
  • This food processor comes with five separate practical SS disc blades to perform a variety of kitchen tasks such as kneading and chopping, in addition to daily grinding, chopping, and mincing.
  • The citrus press will ensure that you get more juice from the citrus fruits. You save time as a higher volume of juice is being processed.
  • The downside is that the press has a lead-free coating that is non-toxic and accredited, thereby making it clean.
  • The machine has separate wet grinding tubes, dry grinding, and juicing tubes. You’ve got a small pot to ground the chutneys.
  • The centrifugal juicer is suitable for extracting juice from all types of fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots etc.


  • All-purpose food processor able to perform a variety of jobs
  • Keeps high health requirements
  • Strong engine and extensive attachments
  • Makes comparatively less noise compared to other comparable sized food processors


  • A heavy appliance is not feasible, hence constant change
  • The cost of the appliance may also be a disincentive to others

[amazon fields=”B079YQJJ18″ value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

8. Philips Food Processor HL 1660 700W – Best Food Processor

[amazon box=”B01GA7SC6U” template=”horizontal”]

You get outstanding service with Philips. This food processor is such that you can not operate it unless the appliance has been installed correctly. This can do a variety of jobs such as baking, liquidizing, baking, cutting, kneading, juicing and slicing etc.

Rotary Dryer Manufacturer in India

You get a 2-year warranty for the Philips food processor. It is working on Power Chop technology thus providing better efficiency than any other food processor. Below are some of the handy appliance ‘s exquisite apps.

  • The 700-watt motor is a powerful one that provides a full output
  • The Power Chop technology is unusual in that it uses a blade shape combination, cutting angle, and an inner bowl that produces an outstanding chopping performance.
  • The 2-speed and pulse settings ensure you have full power
  • The food processor comes with healthy accessories for dishwasher use
  • This food processor is easy to install.
  • It has high-quality jars made of stainless steel to facilitate better grinding of batters, pastes and purees. In the same container, you can render both milkshakes and lassi.
  • The solid foundation ensures the appliance stays secure when the dough is kneaded
  • The centrifugal juicer is good for hardened and soft fruit juice preparations.


  • The Power Chop technology offers better experience when cutting vegetables
  • This unit saves tremendous power
  • It is a secure tool to work with, because it does not work unless you correctly assemble the parts


  • Coconuts are not very good at grating
  • It does not come with a tiny jar to grind spices

[amazon fields=”B01GA7SC6U” value=”button” button_text=”Click Here To View on Amazon]

Buying Guide – Best Food Processor

Imagine how many kitchen appliances a family of four to five members requires to prepare a decent meal. Indian cuisine is such that you need a variety of chutneys, a few curries, potatoes, chapattis, juices etc.

You have had the grinding stones in the olden days to ground these spices. People used to use their hands to knead a dough. Mixie’s discovery had changed everything. People began using this apparatus to prepare their chutneys and purees.

First came the Grinder. This helped much in grinding ingredients such as garlic, coriander, tamarind, turmeric, etc. There was therefore a need for a robust kitchen appliance that could take care of all the above tasks.

The food processor is the dream appliance. Let us look at the specific considerations that you can look into when buying a food processor.

The food processor is a mixer and grinder hybrid. It can cut, chop, slim, grind and even extract juices from the fruits and vegetables.
Most of the food processors come with an attachment for preparing chapattis by kneading the flour. The advantage over the mixer and the grinder that the food processor has is that it has interchangeable blades and less efficient motor.

It helps the appliance to perform several tasks, such as slicing, shredding, grinding, and pureeing.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Food Processor

1. What is the use of the choppers?

The chopper attachment has immense usefulness for chopping vegetables, such as onions, coriander leaves, potatoes, etc. It can also be used for shredding cheese, cod, carrots and other similar vegetables. With the chopper attachment, mincing meat is simple too.

2. How do you puree hard ingredients?

Before you puree the hard ingredients it is advisable to cut them into small pieces. Gradually add them, rather than tossing them into the food processor.

3. Should I crush ice in a jug blender?

Yes, crushing ice in a blender for jug is fast. Within the blender put the ice cubes with the motor turned off. Remove the cover, and then turn on the engine.

Final Words

We covered every aspect of food processors. Such devices have remained in modern Indian cuisine. When India marches ahead on the technology front, the grinding stone and wheel have become extinct today.

best wet grinder in india

Best Wet Grinder In India: Buyer Guide & Reviews

Best Wet Grinder In India

best wet grinder in india
best wet grinder in india

You enjoy making wet spices at home and you want to prepare a more hygienic and delicious Idli dough and dosage at home? If yes, then wet grinders are the first and most important kitchen device that you should seek to invest in a high-quality wet grinder that not only works well but also has a good ability and a list of features that improve the overall value of the product.

Here, we’re going to talk about the various aspects of wet grinders, such as the benefits, the buyer’s guide, and others. We will also discuss a few products that are currently on the market and are among the popular choices of customers.

So, if you’re looking forward to buying a new wet grinder for your home that can easily let you prepare wet spices and batters with flawless consistency and ease, this is the right place to learn more about wet grinders. So, without wasting any more time, let’s skip straight to the stuff.

Best Wet Grinders in India

Vidiem Jewel ST 2 Litres Grinder (White)

The kitchen of modern times is becoming more portable than ever. Therefore, you do not have enough space to store these massive wet grinders. The tiny kitchen needs a smaller appliance.

The Jewel of Vidiem suits the bill perfectly. The elegant layout means that it does not take much room. It also ensures that the full performance you expect from a wet grinder with a 2 litre capacity is given.

best cctv camera

Best CCTV Camera: Buyer Guide & Reviews

Best CCTV Camera

best cctv camera
best cctv camera

During the past , people used to have a notice board with the words “Beware of Dogs” on their doors to dissuade the criminals.

You have them today with the words, “This house is under the surveillance of the CCTV.”
This sentence will send a shiver to the spines of want tobe criminals, as no thief ever likes to be caught. The thief will still prefer to play in safety.

Does that mean you’re going to have this board on your gates and try to trick the thieves? You may be able to succeed, but it would be easier to install CCTV protection systems in your home to secure your valuable properties.

Many of the new apartment complexes have this device to ensure the health of tenants. Nearly all offices, banks, jewelry stores , department stores, restaurants and other places of business have them as an additional layer of security.

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best espresso machine

Best Espresso Machine: Buyer Guide & Reviews

Best Espresso Machine

best espresso machine
best espresso machine

Could there be a more beautiful feeling than sipping your hot filter coffee (or Kaapi as we call it in our homes) the first thing in the morning? My reaction to that is emphatic NO.
Anything in the world can match the taste and scent of filter coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans. There have been attempts to replicate the same magic using terms such as ‘Instant Coffee’ and so on.

The only drink that comes close to matching the look and feel of filter coffee, however, is ‘Espresso.’

best pressure washer

Best Pressure Washer: Buyer Guide & Reviews

Best Pressure Washer

best pressure washer
best pressure washer

Pressure washers were once purely industrial appliances, but today they have also reinvented themselves as common domestic appliances. If you need to clean your house, garage, window panes, tiled driveway, or even your garden, the pressure washers are your outdoor vacuum cleaner equivalent to keep any outdoor room and equipment safe.

Emerging as an versatile and cost-effective appliance, they use high-pressure water sprays to clean the toughest stains and dirt of the exteriors of your home. Nonetheless, you need to select this efficient cleaning equipment with special care for good and safe results. Here, we ‘d look at some essential tips to consider when picking the right pressure washer for your needs, and then look at some of the most rated models available on the market today.

best robot vacuum cleaner

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Buyer Guide & Reviews

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

best robot vacuum cleaner
best robot vacuum cleaner

It’s hard to keep your house clean, even because you have to do it yourself. But what if I tell you that you can use a robot to help.

In the age of smart technology, why not have the robot take over the tiresome task of cleaning your house. If it’s a tile floor or a carpet rug that you need to look impeccable, you’ve got a robot that does it all.
And if you want to come to a clean house, just let your robot know with a mobile order, and yes, he’ll get things done for you.

A robotic vacuum cleaner or a robotic vacuum cleaner is a smart tool and a small vacuum cleaner that performs cleaning operations (Carpets, Hardwood Floor, Pet Hair) independently without human intervention.

With addition to vacuuming, it may also be used for mopping and sterilizing purposes.

Robot Vaccum Cleaner – Buying Guide

Now that you’re aware of what a robot vacuum cleaner is, let’s see what you need to think about before you get this swanky machine.


You ‘d like to narrow down your options so that they don’t burn a hole in your wallet at the same time as they suit your lifestyle and cleaning needs.
There are quite a few options available that cost similar to your typical vacuum cleaner but have all the main benefits. The higher the premiums still cost more. Go for a trustworthy brand that will get the job done.

Battery Life

Many of these devices come with a battery dock, so that when the robot wants a boost, it goes back to the dock to get the juice back.
The only problem here is that charging takes quite some time, so any one hour of cleaning will take around 3 hours to charge.

If you’re someone who likes to do stuff in one go, look for a computer with long battery life. When you’re someone who doesn’t know about the particulars, you don’t need to think a lot about it.

Scheduled Cleaning

While most standard models come with a scheduling feature, some models do not.
Using a scheduler, you can set a particular time during the week, at the scheduled time the computer will rise and start cleaning automatically. You don’t really need to hang around here.

Again, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind starting it manually, you don’t need a button. But if you’ve got a robot to clean your building, chances are you’d like this nifty option.

Newer models come with wifi capabilities so that you can schedule cleanings on your phone at any time, anywhere. This even lets you know when the cleanings are finished and whether it got stuck somewhere.

Can it move around rooms

Some premium models will not have this feature. Companies usually come with two versions, one that can pass through rooms and the other that can not.
When you want to buy one that doesn’t move through spaces, just note that you’d have to manually position any new space you want to vacuum.

Another thing to look for is boundary makers or obstacles so that you can avoid robots from getting to places where you don’t want them to go. (Like children’s room).

Noise it makes

Such robot cleaners are also not as effective as humans, and it takes about three times as long as humans do. If you stay indoors while the cleaning process is ongoing, I suggest you get a quiet one.
When cleaning happens while you’re abroad, you can get abroad with quieter ones, which are always cheaper and far more effective.


Some of the advantages you get with a robot cleaner is that it can get into the nook and crannies under your sofa or a few far corners where you can’t normally get there.
Take a quick look at your room, and if you want a tool that can clean corners, don’t go for bulky ones, because they find it hard to move around and sometimes get stuck.

Also, you ‘re going to see a lot of your cleaner so you can find one that suits your style and is nice and beautiful to look at.


While usually effective, your cleaner can need maintenance, just like any other electronic product. A trusted brand with proven support networks is going a long way in these circumstances. Be sure you can quickly find replacement parts, as brushes and filters can need to be replaced from time to time.

Cleaning tools

Your robot vacuum cleaner must be more than just a basic vacuum cleaner, it should not only provide suction, but it should also be able to extract the waste from the suction cant.

Brushes help to clean thoroughly, these brushes are very strong and very soft, barely noticeable to our eyes. Even, bear in mind that your cleaner has a really good filter.

It’s the filter that collects all the dirt and debris. When you have a pet at home or are allergic to dust, you may need HEPA filters, otherwise regular filters would do a great job. Most cleaners come with moppers, too, and you’ll get a shiny finish.

Size of the Bin

Your robot is going to clean your house for you, but you need to know that you need to clean your robot. Please remember the size of the bin, so you don’t have to vacuum it all the time.

Now that we know what to look for in your cleaner, let’s set standards right your cleaner can’t clean stairs or areas above the floor, it’s a floor cleaner and can’t be used to clean sofas, beds or curtains.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners India

best coffee machine in india

Best Coffee Machine In India: Buyer Guide & Reviews

Best Coffee Machine In India

best coffee machine in india
best coffee machine in india

India is generally regarded as a tea-drinking country, while the Southern States have a splendid filter coffee scene, for most Indians, coffee has always meant the tepid instant coffee of the Bru or Nescafe type.
Yet things are shifting as Indians jump on jets to whirl the globe; we’ve developed a fresh taste for coffee. We don’t want to drink a sweet instant type; we want the experience of a freshly brewed cuppa.

Now the process of Brewing for centuries has been really complicated with all the roasting, grinding and filtering involved, but now we have our modern age saviors in great Coffee machines that will get you great coffee without any hassles.

So, let ‘s continue the journey of understanding the art of brewing coffee.

Types of Coffee beans

Most of the coffee in the world is either An Arabica or a Robusta or a combination of the two, although there are other types that are usually uncommon and often more handmade. Chicory is also applied to the blend to improve the taste and texture of the coffee.

Now, the roasting bit,

So, the light roast is also known as the first crack. It has more acidity and less fat.

Medium Roast is often dry but more caramelized, where the body is fuller with less acidity, with a bitter taste profile.

Dark Roast involves roasting beans to the second crack, at this point the beans begin to taste oily and the notes are sweet and thicker.

There’s more exotic roast available, but that’s another day.

Now we’re going to the sacred cycle of brewing coffee. Brewing it right is just as critical as picking the right bean and roasting it to your preference.

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Best Cold Press Juicer in India

Best Cold Press Juicer In India: Buyer Guide & Reviews

Best Cold Press Juicer in India

best cold press juicer in india
Best Cold Press Juicer in India

Enter in June and you expect the rains in India to be all over us. Sadly this does not happen every year in this way. You have places such as Chennai that still suffer from the sun.

The best way to fight the heat is to forgo the ‘Chennaiites’ love the cup of ‘kaapi’ and go for the fresh fruit juices.
It is an excellent idea to invest in a decent cold press juicer for the people living in these hot and humid spots. We ‘re going to look at some of the favorite brands of cold press juicers on the market.